Private Coaching with Lisa

Wouldn’t it be amazing if food and fitness could be a source of true fun in your life?

I'm talking about TOOLS - not rules.

This isn’t just about weight loss - it's about freedom.

Eating can still be fun and YOUR WORKOUTS *need* to be fun!
If you’re not having fun, what you're doing in the gym won't work long-term.

The truth is this:

The best things in life make you sweaty!

Let’s break out of scale jail and help you simplify food and balance your body so you can enjoy your life.

If you’d like the accountability and 1:1 support to have a simplified, fact-based approach to eating totally customized for you and someone there to answer your burning questions and cheer you on, you might be a good fit for me.


White-knuckling through restriction.

Obsessing about food, fitness, and your body.

Yo-yoing or punishing yourself for “bad” food choices.


Choosing the foods that make you feel good.

Simplifying the way you eat so you can enjoy your life.

Confidence in the way you feel in your body.

How it’s structured:

Weekly one-on-one 45 minute calls

Support via Voxer (instant messaging / voice app for your phone) in between sessions

A personalized, feel-good fitness and food blueprint

Access to the Facebook Group for the duration of the coaching program