Hey! I’m Lisa, your trainer with a twist.

I help women like you look forward to working out - not just because of the calories you’ll burn, but because you genuinely enjoy it.

I do this by creating customized and tailored workouts to help you stay consistent and get long-term results.


You think nonstop about what you’re eating, what you’re going to eat, and what you ate. You probably plan your life (and especially your workouts) around burning those calories off.

Your workouts are based on numbers and the major focus is to control how your body looks. You associate your worth with your appearance - as if something must be wrong with you if you can’t lose weight...

"Everything in moderation" sounds great... in theory. However, your whole issue is you can’t moderate your food. That’s exactly why you also can’t buy cookies or ice cream or any of your favorite foods to have in your house... because you will eat all of it.

You have a family. A career. A to-do list a mile long. A house to clean and a dog to walk. It feels like it’s either workout and meal prep or take care of those other obligations.


I get it because I did it. I felt it. All of it. I was there.

I was a prisoner to my rules and I was missing my life because of it. My sisters were having babies and my mom was beating breast cancer while I was over here counting calories.

My wake up call came one day when I had really strong PMS cravings. Yes, really.

I'd grown so tired of the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster - my weight would go up or down twenty pounds depending if I was dieting - or not sticking to my diet (rebounding and gaining weight back) - or getting extreme with fitness.

I thought to myself, “Maybe my body isn’t meant to be 140 pounds. If this is what it takes to be that, I don’t care to be there anymore.”

I desperately craved a turkey sandwich on a bagel with chips. And I thought, “What if I just had the sandwich and didn’t feel that bad?”

I had the sandwich and it was amazing. I went back to work - and didn’t think about food. FOR SIX HOURS.

Aaaaaand, even hours later, I didn’t feel bad!

Having a turkey sandwich with chips didn’t mean I “fell off the wagon.”


I put a stop to the Eat This, Not That mentality I’d spent so much energy trying to stick to. I stopped forcing myself to “earn my food.”

I hired a coach and learned 2 things I'll never forget:

  • "Food is just food."
  • "Your vegetables are still vegetables even with cheese or butter on them."

Mealtime became about eating and moving on.

I bought a bunch of things at the store I’d never let myself buy beforehand.

I remember buying graham crackers - a forbidden food - and then when I finally had one, I was like, “This isn’t even that good.” I realized that by choosing to trust myself, I was able to have the things I was craving and making sure to prepare meals that were actually satisfying. 

I shifted my mindset and made the choice to eat based on how I felt - not Nutrition Facts. It took time to stop myself from laying in bed counting the calories of everything I ate in a day, but I got there.

I started acting and choosing foods out of self-care rather than from trying to control my weight.

I paid to attention to how I actually felt - when I was hungry, when I wasn’t.

I chose to satisfy my sweet tooth when it needed satisfying.

I fell back in love with being active and redefined fitness to me.

I work out on my terms - I walk, I go for a run if it’s nice out, I go the gym when I can.

Best of all, I learned to trust myself for the first time - and not just with food.

Ready to enjoy life again?

I believe in choice, not control. I believe in fun, not forced. And I believe in you. Do you? If so, schedule a call with me below to see if we're a fit.