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So it’s December. It’s those diet dreaded weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The ones where some of us throw in the towel on our health and fitness until New Years and where others struggle to enjoy the essence of the holiday season because they are hyper focused on their food, fitness and body.

So today, I’m going to give you some peace of mind. My approach to the holidays that has helped me finally enjoy them, guilt free and with much less stress, making me more of a joy to be around as well!

Here it is…


Here’s what I mean. Even if you have 5 holiday events this month, you can still feel good! 5/31 is 16%. If we cannot sustain our health, physical and mental, while enjoying 16% of our life without guilt, then we are doing something majorly wrong.

So, simply put, when you have your events, enjoy them. Enjoy what you REALLY want. Is it the cocktails? Is it the cutout cookies? Is it the hot chocolate and gingerbread house by the fire with your kids? YOU know what it is. You know what you really love and look forward to this time of year. And guess what, YOU CAN HAVE IT. Yes, you can, and it doesn’t have to come with ten extra pounds which actually is a lot of bloat, not pure fat, and it subsides as you resume your typical routines. So chill. And for God’s sake don’t weigh yourself. Weighing yourself won’t keep you from eating the cookies. It will just make them, and all your festivities, much less enjoyable. 

I digress.  Ok so you know your events this month. You’ve picked what you really don’t want to miss out on, what you love, and how you want to celebrate.

Now, do your best to do what makes you feel great on all those other days, those 25 other days. They offer you so much opportunity. So much freedom. So much comfort if you just listen to your body. Choose meals that make you feel good. You don’t need Christmas cookies or cocktails everyday this month. You don’t need to skip workouts because “they won’t make a difference” anyway.

Your job is to do the best you can, when you can. It doesn’t mean restrict. It doesn’t mean pull back the arrow so much that on party days you binge your face off. It doesn’t mean over exercise to overcompensate for the celebrating days.

It means, stay consistent with workouts. Even if it’s 20 minutes a day. Heck, I offer you and my clients 30 minute workouts, in person, in classes, and online. So it this is a struggle for you, message me now and I will help you sweat consistently this month and beyond. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

And they do matter. It isn’t about burning 700 calories per workout. It’s about the mental and physical benefits they give you, regardless of calories burned. PLUS, You won’t have to “start over.” And I promise you, if you stay consistent with them, you will treat yourself better all around. You won’t stuff yourself all month only to start anew Jan 1.  Trust me, it doesn’t work anyway.

Now for the eating. Again, choose meals that make you feel good when you can. Most likely, your family gathering on Christmas Eve or family brunch Christmas morning isn’t all high quality nutrition. And that’s ok. Your other days can be. Not everyday has to be “well, it’s the holidays so F-it!” You know that doesn’t make you feel good. So why do that to yourself?!

I use this mindset in my everyday life, not just for the holidays. I make the best choices for how I want to feel as much as I can, so when I am in positions where there’s something else I really want, I can have it and it doesn’t throw me for a loop. It’s typically spaced out and surrounded by meals, workouts and self care that makes me feel good. It’s why I have cereal sometimes. Pizza frequently. And chocolate daily. Yet still feel good.

It’s not complicated. I don’t want you fearing or dreading the holidays and every social media account will tell you how to burn off what you ate, how to make room for meals, and which diet to start Jan 1.  I WILL NOT.

You make your choices today. Every meal. Every workout. Every cookie. Every memory. They are all yours to take as you please.

I’ve got in person training for you.
I’ve got classes for you.
I have online workouts for you.
I have online coaching for you.
I am here to help you not be weighed down during the holidays but to enjoy them, along with everyday to come.

So check where your mindset is right now because we can’t address anything we are not aware of. Then I dare you to try this shift. You’ve got nothing to lose but enjoyment of the holiday season.


Lisa Marie

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