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2 weeks ago I posted a blog about why I don’t binge on my favorite foods anymore. I explained two approaches to beat that restriction/binge pattern and this week, I am elaborating on how my transition didn’t end up in me being obese by allowing any food I wanted, in any amount.

There is one key part to allowing yourself to eat anything and it is this:

You must pay attention to how they make you feel. So often when we binge on a food, we eat it fast, we eat a lot, we eat out of controllably and then we want to forget it ASAP. But no. That does nothing for us except perpetuate the cycle.

Instead, we must Pause and make the choice. We must stop judging our food as good and bad. All we have to notice is just the facts of how that food made us feel.
Maybe how much I had.
Maybe what time of day I had it.
Maybe what I had it with.
Or didn’t.

I started being conscious of my food but not controlling it. Choosing it but not controlling it. So while I got good at choosing what I wanted to eat, I had to start to choose how I wanted to FEEL.

It was all facts based on ME. NOT what I SHOULD eat. NOT how much I shud eat. NOT how it shud make me feel BUT what it actually did. How did it ACTUALLY make me feel??

This very well could be different than my friend. Than my sister. Than my magazine on my coffee table. And even than a pro trainer.  Too often, we listen to any and anyone BUT OURSELVES. I decided to see what happened if I trusted myself I mean, kids do, why couldn’t I??
So I made up my own way to eat that felt best FOR ME, day by day.

NOW, I know I can feel hungry again in 2 hours eating special K or I can feel satisfied for 4 hours eating chocolate frosted shredded wheat.

NOW, I know I can eat 2 pieces of pizza and day I want but if I eat half a pizza I’ll feel puffy.

NOW, I know if I eat my favorite fries from a pizzeria later in the evening, I will wake up with a dry mouth, dying of thirst at 3am.

NOW, I know I can eat chocolate everyday and feel satisfied and not fat, but packaged cookies and some baked goods don’t satisfy me as much, be higher in sugar, and make me feel worse.

NOW, I know having a larger lunch, with carbs, keeps me satisfied and out the cupboard the rest of the day instead of saving my calories as much as I can all day only to pig out at night, before bed, and wake up feeling like crap, making it harder to choose foods that make me feel good.

NOW, I know if I lack sleep, often what I need is a nap, not the high carb and sugar food we often crave for quick energy.

These are true for ME.

They may or may not be similar for you. This is where you have to want to do the work. You have to want to truly allow food. ALLOWANCE TO EAT IS NOT TRUE ALLOWANCE IF YOU EAT IT BUT BEAT YOURSELF UP FOR IT AFTERWARDS.

You have to be ready to pay attention, not black out. You have to be ready to be patient because there is no set timeline for this recovery. It’s different for everyone!!

But let me tell you, those 2 months or so of allowing whatever I wanted has saved me over two years of continuing my binge eating, my guilt, my yo yo dieting. Those 2 months allowed me to have a physically AND MENTALLY healthy pregnancy. And finally, those 2 months allowed me the ability to better HELP YOU.

Those couple months taught me more about MY NUTRITION than any nutrition course because let’s face it, we have a ton of nutrition info out there. We know many diets. We know many workouts. But if we don’t figure out what WORKS FOR US, as individuals, we are just throwing free money at the diet industry.

Every diet works because every body is different so there’s enough to go around. If you are tired of restrictions. Tired of binges. Tired of weight cyclings. Tired of rules, control, and hitting a wall, then you owe it to yourself to try something different. Not dieting does not mean letting yourself go. If anything, it means finding yourself.

Now, I can watch the world around me diet and not feel left out. Not feel jealous. I can watch girls compete and not envy them one bit. I can watch people track, count and monitor everything they eat and I know absolutely don’t want to do that. I have compassion for you if you’re struggling with the need to do that. But you don’t have to. You can learn from it and choose a different route. And best of all, you can be able to see someone lose weight and not want to know what they are doing so you can do it, too. Because you will be so happy with YOUR way, you won’t be looking for the next best diet.

If you see my posts and wish you could be as care free around food as I am, know that you can. But know that I put the work in. And I made the choice. And it is one choice, I’ll never regret. The more you know is great, but the more you know ABOUT YOU….? That’s priceless.

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