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I’m going to quote a role model/friend of mine, Lindsay Messina, who quoted another role model of mine, Lori Harder, when saying,

✨“Sometimes we don’t want to close a chapter in our lives because it was soooo good. But that’s what’s holding us back from starting something even greater.✨

That’s how I feel for many reasons right now.
🔑First, as you may have seen, we moved the gym this week. Nothing was WRONG or BAD with where we were. It just had served its purpose. We saw new opportunity and excitement, all be it also a challenge, in choosing this new facility to run the business out of. But sometimes, change sparks even more change. More inspiration. More ideas. More opportunity. A life you may have never even pictured could exist “over there.”
👑I am queen of comfort. Queen of caution. Queen of a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Risk was NEVER anything I considered unless it was with a swift backhand to get away from me.
Until I met Dave. Even in my business, he is who helped me take the jump. And even through seven years, it was a tug of war between growth and comfort zone. Guarantees and chances.
And finally, I decided to take the chance.
Because as cautious as I am, as much as I love routine, I also get bored. I also get the itch to change. To create new things. To see what could be. It’s just helped to have him behind me to support these changes.
📖 So while we are closing the chapter on our Seven years at North Buffalo Road, for no other reason than to see what awaits us at Centre Drive, it is not with regret, not even with fear really. It is with confidence. A sense of adventure. And an excitement for what could be.
What’s the worst that can happen, really?? You start again? I’ve done that MANY times in my life.

Second reason I feel I’m writing a vivid new chapter is of course, our first baby together, my first baby ever. There is never a perfect time to start a family. And let me tell you how good this past chapter has been.
👌🏻Freedom and flexibility has flown through my blood for years in owning my own business and not having children.  I had to do me and my clients. Pay the bills. Provide quality service to my clients. And basically come and go as I please. I can waste 2 hours in target. I can nap when I need to. I can shower for 20 minutes and blow dry my hair whenever I want. I can walk quietly through a grocery store, I can run into a gas station or pickup a pizza without worrying about bringing a baby with me. We can run off to NYC for a weekend or the outlet mall for a day.  I get that. And I’ll miss it, I guess. I mean everyone tells me to “do it now.” And maybe I’m a little naive to think I won’t miss it.
💙However, we waited several years and one long chapter to get this intimate moment to share with each other. Life was good. Life was different. But the next chapter? I’ll give up the good for what’s to come. While I am aware sleepless nights and an endless supply of spit up and poop will be my most worn accessories for a while, I know life can be better.
🔮So we leave what’s good for what could be better. Some may call that greed. I call it necessary. There’s a time to be stagnant (which is not always a bad thing!!!) and a time to push, grow and evolve. I don’t believe we can always be pushing the envelope, burning the candle at both ends, or taking risks. Like chapters start and end, so do these times in our lives. But they are what makes our life, our life.
🔑They all serve a purpose. It is up to us to realize that and take notice of the purpose they served. Change is inevitable but my God, it is also necessary.
✨So don’t be afraid to close the good chapters.
Don’t be sad. Don’t regret. Don’t wish things any different than they are. It’s all for a purpose and you NEVER know what awaits you in the next chapter, on the next page, or even the next sentence.
✨What will be will be.
Lisa Marie

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