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Is there room to be fit and be a foodie in this life?!?

…On the contrary my friends. I think the ultimate fit person is one can eat fun foods sometimes and not have it derail them. Not have it consume them. Not have it make them instantly plot and plan how to make room for it, burn it off, or start a diet tomorrow while also, and most importantly not beating themselves up for it.

I also think the socially defined “fit person” who allows none of these fun foods ever is not only a miserable bomb waiting to explode, but also one who doesn’t truly trust themselves or their body.

This is my simple message for you today. Why do we have one definition of fit today? And why is it placed on a pedestal? Why is the fit person the ultra disciplined, cut, defined, visible abs and high round glutes person? Why are they the one who is envied for their will power and ability to say NO to fun foods while often sacrificing quality time making memories being sidetracked by such a standard?

I had my baby shower yesterday. Many of my guests were my training clients who have become friends and even family. Every single one of them are FIT in my opinion. And every single one of them looked absolutely beautiful. But get this, every single one of them enjoyed our baby shower food that consisted of brick oven pizza, buffalo wings, salad, and cupcakes THAT I PROVIDED FOR THEM.

We are not all size 4 walking around with abs, ice water and celery. We are a variety of sizes, ages, and weights. What we share is the consistency in our workouts and the ability to balance sweat and sweets. To balance workouts with nights out. To balance the idea of fit with the ideal of fit.

When you enter our workout family or choose us to coach you, you are entering into an agreement that perfection is not expected, or encouraged, for you or your body. Your mindset is of the upmost importance to us. Enjoyment of your life requires this. I will not promote strict goal weights, strict diets or a strict expectation of fit. I am proud of every single client I have and I admire each and every one of them. My 23 year old college athlete is just as beautiful and fit as my 58 year old nurse and my retired teacher.

I beg you to create your own idea of fit and I would support you. Balance is not equal parts of everything in your life. It is just fitting it all in in a way that lifts you up, not weighs you down. And constantly saying no and worrying about your food and body is weighing you down. It is not neglect to indulge sometimes. It is neglect to not check in with yourself and please all parts of you, in harmony, in a way that works for YOU.

It’s funny because I’m able to sweat with these women all week, enjoy some fun food on a Saturday while we celebrate how much they support me and Chip, and then go right back to sweating together. There is no overcorrecting needed to get back on track, there isn’t even correcting needed. Because we were never wrong. And we were never off track.

I’m sure you have someone in your life who does not have the “perfectly fit” body but you think they are beautiful. Guess what. That’s you, too. There is no perfect body. There is no one way to be fit. And you are not a failure or fat ass because you ate pizza and a cupcake.

My advice to you is to do what makes you feel beautiful today. I picked a dress for my shower that was flattering without being skin tight. I got my hair done in a way that I have always loved. I put on some mascara and lip gloss and celebrated what I was there for. I was not thinking about my body yet I felt more beautiful than ever. It is not just because I’m pregnant, but because I realize how beautiful we are regardless of our body.

To my ladies who inspire me, I thank you, because it allows me to help others as well.

Stop looking around at what others define as fit or beautiful. Do what makes YOU feel beautiful and take care of yourself. Because really, that’s all you can do. And I will be here to remind you of that.

Lisa Marie

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