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Diet edition.

Gone are the days my podcast feed consisted of weight loss, fad diets, the best workouts, and cleanses. When I defined myself by my eating habits and body type.

I recently started to label myself an intuitive eater with a twist. I used to label myself a lot of things: a competitive gymnast. Anorexic. Bulky. Manly. A scholar athlete. A college basketball player. A compulsive exerciser. An overeater.  A binge eater. A yo-yo dieter. A yes-girl. A teacher. A divorcee. A personal trainer. A figure competitor. An entrepreneur.  But maybe most of all, a fraud. I was so lost. Full of knowledge, full of experience, yet more lost than ever.

The problem with labels are that we literally live into them. They essentially become self fulfilling prophecies. You know, “you’re body achieves what the mind believes.”
And “ if you tell yourself something enough, you eventually believe it.”
The problem is, we don’t always label ourselves something positive or beneficial to us.
We also tend to have tunnel vision. Like we can only be labeled one thing. We are black or white, not gray, not rainbow.
But truth is, we wear many hats. We know this. But we tend to forget it. We also can label ourselves anything we want! We can become anything we want. We truly can. But, we still tend to pigeon home ourselves. Through our labels, our self talk, our limiting beliefs and mindset.

I could talk about labels in terms of personal development next time, but today I want to address labels in terms of food and diet.

I truly believe if we could drop idea that our eating has to fall into any one label or category, we would be healthier physically and mentally. But again, we pigeon hole our options because  labels offer us comfort. In diet land, they offer us rules and guidelines. Like eat and do not eat lists. Structure. Ahh.  Someone else telling us what to do, we don’t have to take responsibility and make our own choices. And that’s why I was so lost. I wasn’t even being me. My body always belonged to something else.

Labeling our way of eating, subscribing to any one certain plan, is essentially setting us up for failure. Because there are rules. And because we are human, we will break the rules. And when we break the rules, we will feel like we failed. Feelings of failure at a way of eating can lead to rebelling, overeating, bingeing, overcorrecting and restricting, throwing in the towel, or looking for the next plan that will work for us tmw, Monday, the first of the month, or maybe not even for several months.  Sound familiar?

This is why I don’t believe in rules. They don’t help like you think. All they do is deepen our lack of self trust and prevent us from being Independent thinking humans. We are more than that right??

So ask yourself, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FOOD INSTINCTS?? We are so inundated with labels and diets and marketing and plans and rules that we have stopped thinking for ourselves. We know better. Do we really believe that someone else knows best?? Our body WILL tell us what we need, when we need it.

Do we really believe eating 500 calories and zero carbs is a sustainable way to live and that we will never fail at that?? Do we believe that if we aren’t following a diet, we lack will power that others following diets must have? Our society places people who diet on a pedestal. We always want to know how so and so is eating, like that will solve all our problems.

Go out to eat with your girlfriends and see who’s on what diet. It will come up at some point like when Karen doesn’t want the bread delivered to the table but you do.

So yes, I overcame those previous labels and promote intuitive eating. But even that was a way of eating I could essentially fail at. Another label. Another set of guidelines. Until I stopped the inundation of info. I stopped reading the dozen books next to my couch. I stopped listening to podcasts for months. I stopped researching and I looked at me. My life. My body. My mind. What works for me.
I combined the philosophy and freedom of intuitive eating with my knowledge and experience with nutrition. I let my food intuition  and body instincts blend with my knowledge, specifically for ME.

And I came up with intuitive eating with a twist.  Because intuitively, if I ate a donut for breakfast, I was going to crave more carbs shortly after. While this was intuitive eating, it didn’t make me feel my best. Intuitive eating doesn’t just mean eat whatever you want like donuts and sour patch kids. It requires you to reflect on how it made you feel, for future choices.
It wasn’t til I simplified what really mattered and allowed myself the time to play with it that I really learned how to feel and ultimately look MY best, for me. Intuitive eating with a twist requires you to regain contact with your body’s instincts while understanding basic human biology. You may allow yourself to eat a donut without guilt, but if you can understand what happens inside of you and why you feel how you feel, you are empowered and can choose to feel that way or not. It’s not rocket science. It’s basic body science. You just have to make room for it.

These days, my podcasts, books and research are about health, not weight loss and fads. It’s science mixed with intuition and instinct. It’s knowledge and experience mixed with facts, suggestions and individuality. It’s fueled by freedom, not restricted by one size fits all rules.

You don’t have to be paleo. Vegan. No carb. “Ideal you” diet. Atkins. Keto. Zone. Certain things may fit for you at certain times, for certain medical reasons, in certain lifestyles, but none of them are the holy grail from which you will never fail. Failure on any diet is inevitable. But Freedom from any diet?? Freedom is possible.

💕Message me to work together toward diet freedom and a way of life for YOU based on YOU.

Lisa Marie