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If it felt good, I would eat carbs 24/7. Every meal would have carbs and maybe only carbs. Especially, being pregnant. However, I find that just carbs just doesn’t cut it for me most of the time. So, I had to figure out a way to get protein and fat in me too, and hide some veggies since they definitely dropped on my cravings list the last few months!
I also had to find something quick and convenient because I am often eating it at work between, or even during, clients. Enter…
My egg bake!
By making this ahead of time, I have breakfast ready for everyday at work. I used to heat up these frozen egg wraps and I decided I would cut out all the extras added to a processed food and make my own version, as real as possible. And since everything tastes better on a wrap, these are the perfect stuffing for my favorite wraps, “let’s skip the sandwich” wraps.
Plus, the combinations of this egg bake are endless.
This recipe is for a 9×13 pan that I cut up into 6 square pieces for 6 servings. You could also make these in muffin cups, but I like this shape for my wraps.

▪️6 whole eggs, free range and Pasteur raised
▪️Supplement with egg whites – I eyeball and pour from a carton, maybe 1/2 cup. No biggie if you add a little more.
▪️organic chicken sausage (I use Wegmans brand) sliced into coins and cooked through, then dice up.
▪️sautéed veggies with garlic, onion, salt and pepper
▪️cheese of choice

Dump all these parts into the bowl of eggs and pour into a sprayed 9×13 pan.
Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes, until eggs are set.
Let cool, cut into 6 squares, and store in airtight container in the fridge. Good for several days.

When it’s time to eat, reheat for about 60 seconds, enjoy as is or throw it in a wrap or a piece of Ezekiel bread!

Last week’s combo was
– spinach and feta sausage
– spinach
– feta

This week’s combo is
– Wegmans breakfast sausage with sage
– kale
– cheddar cheese

Obviously you can pick your fave veggies, meat and cheese, add some or delete some!

If you’re a fruit fan, sub your wrap for some seasonal fibrous fruit!

This way, you have a meal that is balanced with protein, fat, fiber and greens that is real food and really good. Guaranteed to keep you satisfied a couple of hours so you can carry on with your day. Add your carb of choice if you’d like and enjoy, knowing you’re feeding yourself feel good food.

I love that I get veggies in, amazing nutrients from my whole eggs, and protein and fiber to help turn off all my hunger hormones so I don’t have to obsess over food.

I don’t provide numbers because I don’t really care. This meal feels good on me so I’ll keep it in my arsenal! Don’t be scared of whole eggs. Don’t be scared of full meals.

Simplify, balance and enjoy.

Lisa Marie