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Perfect does not exist in food. In bodies. In life. In jobs. In another person. In you. It doesn’t. It is unattainable and unsustainable.

So why do we feel we need to be perfect, in any way?

I used to plan sooooo much. It gave me peace. A false sense of control.

And nothing ever went fully according to plan.

Nothing ever went perfectly.

When you expect another person to be perfect, when you expect every meal choice to be perfect, or you expect you can make your body perfect…. now or eventually…

You are just setting yourself up for disappointment.

For failure.

Because that’s the problem.

Anything other than perfect is failure.

Is not enough.

And how can we ever live a fulfilled life when nothing is as good as perfect???


If perfect is our expectation,

Failure is our guarantee.


And how do you ever expect to be happy that way?

Beauty is in imperfections and you can fight what’s “wrong” and you can constantly chase perfection…

Or you can accept this fact.

Accepting this fact is not giving up. It’s surrendering.

💫Surrendering to the idea that not all is, should be or EVER WILL BE… perfect.

Embrace what is.

Enjoy what may be.

And know there is no perfect.

In food. Body. People. Jobs. Or life.

But isn’t that what makes humans different and life beautiful??