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Yogurt and fruit.
Why we typically think this is a “good” choice…
Fruit is good for us.
Yogurt is low in fat.
It’s not a high calorie meal.

How this snack PROBABLY makes us feel…
Good in the moment. It’s yummy. We think we are “being good.”

However, about 2-3 hours later, if that,  we are hungry again or normally craving more food and probably a carb because this snack, albeit low fat, spiked our blood sugar. That caused a release of insulin. As insulin brings our sugar back down, our body wants more of it for more energy, usually in the form of quick energy like sugar and carbs. And if you’re lucky enough to not be craving crap, at the very least you are probably hungry. This is because that snack was essentially sugar. It put us on a blood sugar rollercoaster. And while it was low fat and “good,” that is precisely the problem.

The major reason this meal could use a makeover is not because you shouldn’t eat, because I don’t say that about anything, but because it probably does not sustain you due to the blood sugar rollercoaster it causes. The spike and crash.

Of course that is NOT my answer.

But here is how we can give this meal a make over and make it sustain you longer by not spiking your blood sugar (turning into glucose to be used as energy and if not, stored as fat) and ultimately help burn, instead of store, fat.

1. Choose Greek yogurt for a higher PROTEIN content OR add a protein source like protein powder, meat or eggs on the side.
2. Choose yogurt with fat in it or ADD FAT to this meal by adding nuts, seeds or nut butter to your yogurt.
3. Keep your fruit to a serving of about 1/2 cup.
4. Choose plain yogurt over flavored yogurt which will just increase the sugar content from added sugars. I say this because I prefer to add my fruit than have it come that way.
5. Add in veggies, flax or chia seed as a form of FIBER which will help keep you full and blunt the spike of blood sugar, while not getting converted into blood sugar themselves.
And finally, number 6 is a do NOT.
Though your fruit and yogurt may be a 200 calorie meal, it is not as beneficial or sustaining to your body, blood sugar and ultimately your body’s choice to burn or store fat.

We need protein, fat and fiber to help fill us up, sustain us and turn off our hunger hormones.

And the best part? If your blood sugar isn’t spiking and crashing, we can go into our next meal with a level head and probably make a better choice than if we go into it starving or craving energy because our last meal sent us on the blood sugar rollercoaster.

This post is not about “do not eat,” but more about “do eat.”
You may find you need to add in or adjust your meals for better satiation and sustenance and this does not require counting a single calorie or macro.

Do not fear fat, especially as women. Our brains and skin love it. And our stomachs do, too.

Also, items made to be low or no fat often are higher in sugar because as we know, fat is flavor, it tastes good, and if they remove it, they typically replace it with sugar. After all, sugar IS fat free ya know. 🤦🏼‍♀️

So in an attempt to keep this simple, if you’re finding yourself hungry, having cravings or unsatisfied, check what you’re eating. Is there a source of protein? A healthy fat? Some fiber? And carbs are fine! But carbs alone or lacking enough of the stuff that will turn off our hunger hormones will likely send us on a ride we feel we cannot control. That’s human biology. It happens. There is nothing wrong with you.

Your food choices greatly determine how you feel and when I talk about paying attention to how you feel when you eat something, as well as after you eat it and 2 hours later, this is what I mean. You may realize grapes and fat free yoplait  or even chiobani strawberry yogurt leaves you hungry and reaching in the candy jar at 3pm. This could be why.
So you adjust.
And you eat a plain full fat Greek yogurt with some walnuts and blueberries and a piece of last night’s chicken leftover with some cucumbers in olive oil, salt and pepper and tada! That keeps  you out of the candy jar and satisfied til dinner!

It may sound like a lot, but I guarantee your body will LOVE that over sugared up yogurt and fruit and a face plant in the skittles or brownies at 3pm.

We get so hung up on priding ourselves on eating as little as possible or as few calories or as little fat or low carb as possible that we neglect to address actual nutrition WHILE listening to our bodies. This is not dieting. This is not solely intuitive eating. It’s got a twist. A combo of nutrition science with intuitive eating. Adding this knowledge and awareness to my intuitive eating as made a difference for me and ending my obsession with food, fitness and body.

Quality of your calories do matter and they do make a difference. This is not a blog to make you over analyze your meals, but just to shed some light on why you may be hungry, craving, or feeling out of control.

Now it’s up to you to take the time and pay attention to how your meal makes you feel, not how many calories it has.

Got a meal that doesn’t seem to be working for you? Message me and I’d love to help make it over!!


Lisa Marie