10 REASONS I LOVE 30 MINUTE WORKOUTS… and you should too!

June 24, 2018  |  Uncategorized

Hey you!! Guess what??? Your workouts don’t have to take an hour plus to be effective. Nope. They don’t. Besides, do you have over an hour a day to dedicate to working out? I don’t. I have other things I want to do and experience and take care of.

If I’m spending too long on my workouts, exercise becomes stressful instead of fun because it is taking up too much of my time, delaying other things I want to do, and adds pressure to find that MUCH time to workout, increasing the likelihood that I won’t be able to fit it in and get it done.

That doesn’t sound fun. Or effective. I know I cannot consistently workout for an hour or more.

That is why the majority of my workouts take 20-40 minutes. Of course I’ll take longer walks and do some longer workouts, but not all the time. Supplementary.

Here’s what happens with 30 minute workouts and why I love them:

1. You know you can fit them in so

2. You stay consistent which means

3. You can get and maintain results and good health from them.

4. You can push harder for 30 minutes versus dying for 60 or conserving your energy just to last 60 minutes or more.

5. Intensity causes your body to change. Not duration.

6. True HIIT training does not take 60 minutes. It doesn’t even take 30 or 20. If you are going all out, you shouldn’t be able to last that long. You may just be doing interval training, which is still awesome and effective and how I structure most of my workouts.

7.  You have minimal rest and down time, so you’re maximizing your efficiency and time doing a workout.

8. Exercise is in fact stress on your body. There is a fine line between helping and hurting. More exercise does not mean more results. It might definitely mean more appetite though. Then you may find yourself in the cycle of eating more because you worked out more then trying to workout more because you ate more. Don’t go there. Trust me. Sometimes, less is best!!!  30 minutes hard taxes your body without killing it so guess what, you have energy to workout again tmw! =consistency. There’s that word again.

9. They are FUN!!! Isn’t it awesome to know that you can be healthier in just 30 minutes most days? That’s because you can do it MOST days.

10.  You set yourself up for success because you can be proud of consistency and not “fail” because you couldn’t fit in your “too long” workout. I’m not saying don’t push yourself. Quite the opposite. Because they are shorter, you CAN push yourself. And I guarantee if you experience success in your consistency, your fitness, health and mindset will improve.


So there you go. When people train with me they almost always question is 30 minutes enough. If you don’t believe me after this post, try one of my workouts @iamlisamarie on IG or Lisa Marie on Facebook. But if you are just so eager and don’t want to take time to look it up, I’m including one below. And if you think I’m onto something, keep your eye out for what’s coming soon… 

Now go get sweaty then get on with your life. 

Until next week,

💕Lisa Marie 


2 min cardio (run, row, jump rope, bike…)

1 minute burpees

1 min kB swings

1 min alternating reverse lunge bent over row 

1 min slams

1 min plank

 Repeat 4x