BLOG: MY FRESH, FEEL GOOD APPETIZER (or meal, if you’re like me)

June 6, 2018  |  Uncategorized


My sister introduced me to this years ago, with absolutely no “diet” intentions in mind, which is partially why I still love it today. While it’s great year round, summer is best.

It’s basically a chop and dump recipe, and it allows room for your own variety. My measurements are very flexible and estimated because I don’t measure, and you can add more or less of what you want.

So without further ado, the GREEK in me presents to you….



Your favorite hummus (medium package)

Plain organic Greek yogurt (8oz?)

Fresh lemon juice


Red peppers



Fresh pita bread


1. Spread dish (9” pie plate) with your desired amount of hummus. Pick your favorite flavor, I love roasted garlic

2. Mix plain yogurt with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Spread yogurt on top of hummus. (I personally prefer the hummus to be a little thicker than the yogurt, but find your preference!)


3. Dice your desired veggies and sprinkle on top. Don’t be shy! This is your cold, refreshing crunch! I like a whole seedless cucumber, 1/2 red bell pepper, and 2 scallions. (You can also add tomatoes, olives, etc)


4. Top with fresh feta, as desired!

5. Slice up fresh pita bread into wedges. You could also serve with crudités.


Store in the fridge, but I would make and serve same day. I have saved leftovers and eaten them later that day, possibly the next day, but the fresher the better for this one.


I also made a single serving dip for lunch just for me. I chose my size bowl, spread hummus, then lemon juice and yogurt, then as many veggies as I want. Cut up my pita and YUMM! You could also stuff a pita or wrap with these ingredients too.

And now, as I’m writing this, I thought of another serving modality. Flatbread!! Choose a pita bread as your vessel instead of a bowl or pie plate. Spread ingredients and top with veggies and feta, then enjoy! No bake Greek pizza!


This has so much good nutrition… protein, fat, fiber… it’s great for vegetarians… and it tastes soooooo good!

This is not diet food! It’s #feelgoodfood


Lisa Marie