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This picture isn’t to be like look my waist is too little for my legs like the girls who say how hard it is to find jeans.  I don’t have a waist. Not a tiny waist. Not hourglass. Not pear. Not Apple. I’m a board. Straight as an arrow. No big boobs or big butt. No voluptuous hips. Straight. The only way I got shape was because of my muscle.

But when I decided to take this picture, I wasn’t mad. I was actually laughing. It’s ridiculous. Buying jeans is ALWAYS an issue for me. And not cuz “I have a tiny waist” or “because I got ass for days” like you commonly would hear.  But because of my calves. Because of my muscular legs. Because of more narrow hips and no waist that goes in. I’m pretty sure it’s not a common shape that designers make jeans for.

I have gotten stuck in jeans because of my calves. Like not even gotten jeans up past my calves. Like wanted help getting them off.  I’ve had jeans fit my legs but bunch and gap in my belly. I’ve also had them fit all the way until I had to button them only to have them squeeze my insecurities out of me and leave buying nothing.

So needless to say, buying jeans is like a “shop at your own risk” event for me. However, it has changed from upsetting me to making me laugh. Sure, I get frustrated. But I stopped making it mean I had to change my body to buy jeans and just accepted the fact that maybe I’d have to work a little harder to find jeans that actually fit me right.

Sometimes, I buy jeans that have to have a longer top to cover the waist that bunches.  And me buying white jeans?? Omg. I have YET to find the pair that I can rock because they feel good! But, I won’t give up.

So while stretch in jeans is a MUST for me, it was also absolutely necessary for me to accept my shape. I could tell you how much I love my legs because they allow me to chase my nieces or play airplane with my nephew, or do my workouts and enjoy my walks. But really, if we are frustrated with our body those thoughts likely don’t fix it.

While I’m grateful for what my legs can do, I decided to stop fighting my shape. 

Stop fighting where my body likes to be. And stop fighting my god given body type. I will not be Gisele. I will not wear a size 2. I will not have an hourglass shape. And no, I will not wear a waist trainer in desperate attempt for it.

I don’t workout to build my legs. I workout to feel good and stay strong and healthy. So if this is where my body is while I’m doing what I enjoy, then so be it. One day I had this thought, what if I worked WITH my body. What if I embraced my shape. Because while my legs make it an extreme sport to try on some jeans, my shoulders make it fun to try on tank tops (NOT jackets though, lol)!!

Why am I good at gymnastics? And plyos? And sprints? And CrossFit style workouts? Because of my genetic makeup. Because of my type two muscle fibers. And those things that make my body look this way also make my body excel at certain things. And I love what I excel at. I could completely change my training and try to switch off my type 2 muscle fibers. And see how my shape changes inevitably by losing muscle mass. Now, you may be sitting there wishing you were long and lean with less muscle. But do you know how amazing muscle is for you? Beyond aesthetics?? Your metabolism. Your injury prevention. Your athletic abilities. It’s awesome.

Do we want to trade that for a pair of jeans?? 

I decided it wasn’t worth it. And thanks to the lululemon align pant, I only need 1-2 pairs of jeans to fit me anyway!!

Point being- stop fighting your body and instead, work with your body. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and I promise you, there’s a pair of jeans out there for you. You just may not have met them yet.


Lisa Marie