May 20, 2018  |  Uncategorized

🍋Just a friendly reminder for you…

If your diet doesn’t have to be perfect, you can’t fall off the wagon…

❗️There has to be room for us to eat something that isn’t great for us.

There has to be room for a step back or a rest day.

There has to be room for not getting the laundry done this minute or letting the dishes soak for a few hours.

There has to be room for sharing ice cream with your kid, wine with your bff, or eating the chocolate your spouse got you.

There has to be room for larger legs, cellulite, a stomach roll. 💕

There just has to be. Because what’s the alternative? Spend our entire existence trying to attain perfection? And then what??

We cannot keep setting the bar so high and in one specific, ARBITRARY spot that anything less than or not exactly that is, in essence, a failure.

But it isn’t a failure. It just is.

It’s just food.

It’s just a workout.

It’s just a chore.

It’s just your shape. ——-

But memories are more than JUST memories. ——-

Acceptance does not equate with complacency. How can practicing self care be complacent? It no doubt will move you forward. 🙋

If you want to start accepting yourself, you must stop going for perfection. You are perfectly imperfect and always will be.

And that is just fine! You are just fine!


Lisa Marie