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This blog is going to get right to the point. If you feel like you’re problem is binge eating or overeating, or lack of control around food, I’m about to blow your mind.

What if…
Binging, overeating and lack of control are NOT actually the problem??

What if…
Our rules, restrictions and white-knuckled attempts at control are the ACTUAL problem??

Here’s the thing. Tell me if you disagree. We can only feel OUT of control if we are TRYING to be IN control. Right? If we weren’t focused on controlling our food, would we really think we are out of control when we have “too many” cookies?  And who says what “too many” and “too much” is? And what’s “good” and what’s “bad?”  If we weren’t trying so hard to follow the rules of not too much and being good, would we feel so angry or guilty when we aren’t??

So think about this. Why do we have rules around our food and fitness? Because they give us a false sense of security. It’s comforting. It’s safe. We don’t have to pay attention to ourselves we just follow our rules. Until we don’t. And then we punish ourselves, consciously or subconsciously.

It’s actually your brain and body’s natural reaction to want what it can’t have. It’s the nature of survival. The longer you deprive yourself, the more certain you can be that you’re going to be thinking about those things.

Plus, if you’re restriction keeps you in a deficit, it’s a natural reaction for your body to crave food and energy. Bingeing and overeating are pretty natural responses to deprivation. Yes, they can happen for reasons beyond derivation, but most of us create and follow rules to keep us “in check.”

The more we try to control, the more likely there will be an equal and opposite reaction leaving you face deep in a bag of chips or carton of ice cream.

So I ask you again, what if our bingeing, overreacting and lack of control aren’t the problem? What if our restriction, rules and white knuckling are the actual problem?

This is why I advocate to stop creating and following rules. This is why I coach and support you tuning into your body instead and working on the self-trust factor. Because the opposite of rules and control is quintessentially, trusting yourself.

Want to take the first step to trusting yourself around food and fitness?
Write down your rules. Then question them. And then break one. And then another. And see how you actually feel. You may realize they weren’t even necessary in the first place.

Some of my rules were no eating until I worked out. While I feel best working out before eating, sometimes that is not possible if I can’t get a workout in for several hours. And then I would be so hungry that I couldn’t workout and instead, I’d raid my kitchen out of starvation instead making a conscious choice of what I want to eat and instead of having energy to do an effective workout. Now, if I can’t workout soon enough after waking up, I have a balanced meal first. The size will depend on when I can workout but I stopped white knuckling through hours starving until I worked out. Guess what? I didn’t gain weight when I broke this rule. My lunchtime pig outs were not helping me getting the body I was comfortable with, even if I did do “fasted” cardio.

I had other rules like no carbs at night, a certain number of calories burned daily, if I ate something bad I would add cardio to my next workout, and rest days would stop my progress if not make me gain weight.
These all made me exhausted and perpetuated the restrict/binge cycle, to various degrees.

So take note of your rules. Maybe ask yourself why you follow this rule. What do you think will happen if you break it? And if you’re really serious about food freedom and self trust, break it. Just one rule. Just one time. And go from there. If you need support through it, that’s what I do in my online program.

If this resonates with you but you’re scared to do it alone, I get you. Message me or email me at to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

I can help you sweat your workouts, not your food.

Lisa Marie