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Do you wake up Monday in fear? Afraid to assess the damage from the weekend? Or your Sunday night binge? Maybe you feel your stomach. Or pinch your love handles. Maybe you splash cold water on your swollen face. Do you wake up afraid to put your outfit on? Afraid of what will be tight? Or squeeze? Do you wake up not even wanting to look in the mirror? Avoiding it as you get in the shower and after it when you get dressed?

Do you wake up with a sore lower back? Or your rings squeezed by swollen fingers? Do you feel ashamed that it happened again? Do you feel worthless like you suck at life because you can’t control your eating?

Do you feel everyone will notice you’re puffy? Swollen? Fatter? Do you hate yourself and fear you ruined all your progress? Do you vow to eat perfectly today? And start over? Are you distracted from your life because you’re preoccupied with fixing your body?? Or maybe you’re distracting yourself with excessive workouts. Any way to try to rid yourself of the calories and guilt.

No matter the approach, the fears are shared by anyone in this struggle. The all or nothing. The yo yo effect. The deprive and binge cycle. The on track and off track mentality. Striving for perfection and diving into failure because of it. 

This was how I spent most of my Monday mornings for a decade. Sometimes, it was my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, April, may, June …. until I could finally get back on track. Until I could control my food again. I wasn’t living my life, I was just surviving it until I could lose weight again. Until I could have the perfect body… someday.

I finally stopped waiting for someday. I stopped pursuing perfection. It is no longer my goal. It isn’t even on my radar. I am enough how I am. I am worth treating myself well. And I know my body will be where it will be, that I don’t have complete and utter control of the reigns like I used to like to think I did. I have control over my decisions. And I have control over my mindset. When we address those, that is when our body will respond positively. Because why would she want to support someone who, though trying their best, is working against her??

It’s ok. Forgive yourself. It’s fear that keeps you here. It’s fear that keeps you in this cycle. Fear to change. Fear to let go. Fear to actually give in and fear to trust your body. Sometimes what we need most is support and permission. Permission to listen to ourselves. To try something new because clearly this cycle isn’t working. When you realize this and open your mind to change, my support is here for you. But you must start with your mind and your body will follow. It wants to support you. But first, you must support her. 


Lisa Marie

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