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Spring is here which means I’m getting my butt outside as much as possible!!! Though I own a training studio, my favorite place to sweat is still outside, playing sports.


It’s been a long winter here in buffalo. I rarely complain about the weather because I have zero control over it, so instead I have something I love about every kind of day. However, since we came home from Hawaii in March, it’s been a crappy six weeks, not gonna lie.

I’m writing this for you because I’m all about fast, fun and Effective workouts. I know so many moms will be taking their kids to soccer, track, baseball etc. practices. So if you want to do your workout then, HERE YOU GO.

Or just grab your headphones and hit up a track on your own or with a friend. No matter what, this will leave you feeling good and proud of what your body can do… without any weights or equipment!


So without further ado, I want to share my outdoor track workout with you guys. Before you get scared of sprints, know that this actually doesn’t have any. This is a body weight and running workout. All the runs can be modified to a walk if needed, and if you’re so inclined to step it up, by all means, sprint!

Your sweat, your choice.

Laps 1,2

Jog the curve

Then, on the straight away…

Repeat the following combo the full length:

20 walking lunges

10 side squat hops, right

10 side squat hops, left

5 push-ups

When you get to the end, jog the curve and repeat on the next straight away.

Do this for 1-2 full laps

Laps 3,4 

Burpee with 5 pushups

5 long jump squats

Repeat 5 sets

Run the remainder of the lap


Squat circle ab kicks

Find a hurdle, squat and lift your leg in an outward circle, alternating legs

50 reps

Find a step,  bleacher or bench…

20 alternating step ups

10 bench dips

20 bench v ups

3-5 rounds

Now for some fun.

If the high jump/pole vault mat is out, go find it.

Jump on it for 60 seconds

Burpees on it for 60 seconds

3 rounds


Of course you can pick and choose circuits depending on what your track has and how long you want your workout to be.

Remember the cardinal rule: the harder you go, the shorter your workout can be!

Don’t underestimate how challenging your own body weight can be!  If you want to improve your strength, endurance and health, sometimes your workouts will be uncomfortable. But remember, hard can still be fun!!
Your body will be forced to have to recover from this interval work, so your metabolism will be running at an elevated rate, as will your endorphins!!!
Fast. Fun. Effective.
Enjoy your sweat and sunshine!!!
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Until next time…
Lisa Marie
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