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1. Have FUN and SWEAT. I sweat most days. A couple days without sweat has me craving it. And if it’s a hair washing day? I absolutely want to drip sweat. It isn’t because I think it burns more calories. It is because I actually like it. It feels invigorating.  Plus, I love the hot shower after it.
Aside from a feel good sweat, I want to have fun doing my workout. It is not to punish me for what I ate or to make room
For what I’m going to eat, but to just feel strong and good. And No, not every workout is like a walk in the park BECAUSE I find challenging myself sometimes to be fun. I literally love to finish a workout and say, “Damn, that was a good one!”
 I also believe in workout partners. Not every workout. But definitely for some. Whether it’s for encouragement, competition, accountability or just some quality time together, I think it helps with consistency. My partner varies, but most often it’s my fiancé. Followed by my clients, my friends and my family. It all feels good and offers something different for me.
And finally, sometimes my workouts are solo. While I love silence now and then, I am a huge fan of loud music for an intense workout or an educational podcast for lighter workouts and walking.
Oh! And get outside sometimes!!! Some of my favorite workouts happen outside a gym and vitamin D makes me happy!
Point here: find your FUN. Music? Partner? Workout style? Activity? It all does the body good. Having fun with your sweat will keep you consistent and consistency will keep you at your best.
2. No more all or nothing. Everyday is the same. Chocolate can be had and so can veggies. Whether it’s Monday or Saturday, there’s no “being good or bad.” There’s NO more bingeing BECAUSE OF THIS!  One “not perfect” choice doesn’t lead to a days worth. Instead, it’s just moving along. If you included something you love most days, you wouldn’t feel the urge to stuff your face with it when the weekend comes. Sometimes I eat 2 pieces of pizza on a Thursday night and sometimes I eat a giant salad for a Saturday night dinner. It’s about what will satisfy me so I don’t pig out on it after avoiding it. One tip I do have for you: try to keep a day of not “typical eating” to just a day as opposed to several days in a row. This is not restriction or a rule, it’s just something I find that keeps me from feeling shitty or feeling the need to “start over.” I just feel better having it spaced out. This also can go for meals too. If I had my favorite almond ring pastry for breakfast, I make sure to have a healthful lunch that will balance my blood sugar and prevent further cravings. It’s just a tip!!! Not a rule. Try it. It could be the missing link you’ve been looking for.
3. I eat BIG enough and BALANCED meals! Yes, this includes carbs. Yes, this includes fat. And YES, this includes desserts.  I no longer go days or weeks denying something. Carbs. Craving. Chocolate. Dessert. Tortilla chips. I incorporate them into my meals and when I do that,  i find I am much less likely to overeat them.
I also focus on Veggies. daily. For Fullness. For Fiber. To Feel good. It gives good volume to my meals and my belly. If my meal lacks protein or fat, I’m bound to have stronger cravings and less satiation. So I make sure my meals are balanced.
4.  Rest and active recovery are a must. I’ll Lee this short and simple.  I want to have fun and want to workout. I can’t do that if I’m pushing everyday. Your body isn’t mean to go hard everyday. And this leads to burning out and not enjoying exercise at all. So why would u stay consistent when you’re exhausted and not having fun? Take the day off. Be active without having to be in a gym. Move, but recover.
5. I Eat what I really want.  I don’t make anything off limits. I don’t start over.  I eat Sweet. I eat Salty. Like I said before, this is has been key to ending binge eating for me. I listen to my cravings and I think about how I’ll feel if I eat x. Not how I’ll feel mentally, because I’ve moved beyond that. But literally, physically, how will I feel. More cravings? Lethargic? Energized? Proud? Bloated? And then I choose if that feeling is worth it in that moment. Sometimes being bloated from ice cream trumps passing it up. More often, though, it doesn’t. This all comes from taking the time to learn YOUR body, specifically.
6. Self care is essential. Getting enough sleep. Naps. Setting boundaries. Setting my work hours. Delegating things to do at work and at home. Prioritizing my to do list. Accepting that some things just DO NOT have to get done today. This helps me do my best at the things I DO choose to do.
I also Decide what I want. Daily and in the big picture. Indecision was always an issue for me but getting clear on my values and my dreams have helped me to feel more confident in my decisions and waste less time in indecision.  I also practice Visualization. Something at night in bed but more often in the morning. My alarm rings and I hit snooze. NOT to sleep, but to picture my day, mostly my morning. Even like which outfit I’m going to wear. So when I get up, I’m efficient and ready to go take action. This also keeps me from losing sleep at night.
7. Stress Relief- Put it all in perspective. Will it matter tomorrow? Or in a year? I focus my thoughts on what I want, not what I don’t want.  And the. I take action on what I can. If I can’t control it, I really try to let it go.  Breathing helps me do this. It can be as simple as just reminding yourself to take a deep breath. A single deep breath. You forget how much you don’t do this sometimes.
8. Laugh. Stop missing out on things because your stomach isn’t flat, your thighs touch or because your jeans are a size 12 instead of 6. The people I love to be around the most are the ones who make me laugh. Not the ones who make me feel bad for eating carbs because they don’t allow them. Remember, healthy is soooooo not exclusive to a weight or pants size. But laughing?? Enjoying yourself? It’s pretty exclusive to not obsessing over food, fitness and your body.
9. Be present. This means you aren’t obsessing over what you are eating, what you did eat or what you are going to eat. And the same goes for workouts. You aren’t plotting out how to make room for what you’re going to eat or burn off what you did eat. With all due respect, don’t we have more important things in our lives??? Love the people around you that enrich your life. Call your parents. Listen to your friend. Help your neighbor even though you have your own to do list. Pause before you reply to a text when you’re angry. And put yourself in the other person’s shoes. For none of these have shit to do with a goal weight or getting a body that will finally “make you happy.”
Which brings me to my number 10. Be Grateful and Find pleasure in other things. Be happy NOW. Stop equating your body and size to pleasure and feeling good. Stop revolving your life around your body. Stop delaying Happiness and adventure until you reach your goal weight. Do it now.
When you fill your heart and time with things beyond your body, you naturally have less time to spend trying to control your body, which hate me if you want, but it’s a losing battle and a waste of time.
I promise you, you will want this time back. When you finally hit your wall and want to spend your life living instead of constantly trying to lose weight or maintain a certain physique, you’re going to want these years back.

Is the BODY you are pursuing WORTH what you are sacrificing for it??

But if you take anything away from this blog, it is to live, to laugh and to love your life and the people in it. It is to pursue health with fun activities, balanced meals, and general things that make YOU feel good. It is to take care of you because stress will kill you before an ice cream cone will.
Take these ten guidelines and tweak them for you and your life. If you feel like life is passing you by while you weigh yourself, compare yourself, run yourself ragged or beat yourself up, then I suggest it may be time for a change.
This is not a list of rules. This is not a hard and fast list for you to fit into your life and then you’ll have the body and life of your dreams. It’s not a list to perfect and to make you feel like a failure if you stray from it.
But if you consistently make these things a part of your day and your life, you may find you already have a body of your dreams because it is allowing you to live the life you love.
And that’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?
Lisa Marie
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