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I love food.

I love being fit and healthy.

For the longest time, I thought I couldn’t be fit and healthy unless I denied my love for food. I thought I couldn’t eat my favorite foods and be fit and healthy because everything I read and saw told me otherwise.

It told me that I needed more willpower. It told me to keep my eye on the prize. It told me any of my favorite foods were reserved for “cheat” days only. It told me I was basically pathetic and would die for eating “bad” food. It told me restriction was a strength and pizza was a weakness. It told me everyone should love kale and hate gluten. It told me fat was bad then it told me fat was amazing. It told me carbs make you fat then told me to carb cycle. It told me to eat 200 grams of protein and to fast for 12-16 hours. It told me Fit looked like “this” and if I wanted to be “fit” and a credible personal trainer and fitness coach then I shouldn’t show that I eat the cookies I bake or order pizza for a Friday night date.

Are you overwhelmed yet? I was. So after years of yo-yo dieting because I would restrict and try to have “more willpower” around my favorite foods then ultimately binge, throw in the towel and be “off track,” I stopped listening to all the newest claims, diets, and fads. For a minute, I asked myself, what would happen if I allowed myself to eat what I truly wanted??

So I did. And a funny thing happened. I found my new way of life. A way I can maintain. Forever. A way I can promote and support my clients with. While some may call it intuitive eating, I call it something more. I don’t have a name for it yet, except wonderful, lol.

I asked you guys what foods scare the shit out of you. I got answers like carbs, baked goods, sugar, fat, chips and salsa, and processed foods. The foods that used to scare me sound a lot like those too. Pizza, pasta, chips and guac, baked goods.

When I was being “good,” I wouldn’t allow those foods.
1. Because they were “bad”
2. Because I usually binged on them.

But guess what? The reason I would binge on them is because I labeled them as “bad” and because they were “bad” I would restrict them until I just couldn’t anymore.

Like a bow and arrow. I’d pull the bow back as much as I could for as long as I could until eventually, it would snap and my arrow would fly the other way. Restrict and binge. So of course those foods scared me. No one wants to feel out of control with their food.

My thoughts around those foods would usually sound like “Wow, I totally shouldn’t be eating this. I’m going to have to do double workouts tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll be “good.” Tomorrow I’ll only eat protein and veggies. Oh well I already screwed up so I might as well eat ice cream too. You’re such a failure, you’ll never lose weight. You’re such a fraud, how can you tell people what to eat while you eat this crap? I’ll eat this tonight and then no more, ever.”

Any of this sound familiar? Berating yourself? Bargaining with yourself? Giving up? Being extreme?

All those thoughts perpetuated my dysfunctional relationship with food.

So how can I eat my favorite foods now without those thoughts? Without bingeing? And while still being fit and healthy?

This is how.


Seriously. Save your food rules for someone else. Rules push you to rebel. It’s brain science. You want what you can’t have. You don’t trust yourself around that food because you are still trying to control it and you are trying to control it because you have stopped listening to your body’s natural signals.

I stopped controlling my food and started choosing my food. I allowed my favorite foods. One thing at a time. I allowed them as a part of my healthy lifestyle. Not one that was either on track or off track. Not one that was either working out or not. One that didn’t have a track but a genuine concern to take care of myself. And I believe that taking the best care of myself involves allowing my favorite foods. 🤫

I love chips and guac so sometimes it’s an actual meal for me. Because that’s what I really want. I eat pizza and salad a couple times a month because I love it. And my body doesn’t change from pizza because it’s just pizza. It’s not pizza that ruined my diet and becomes cookies and ice cream and page 3 at Applebee’s. I eat it and I move on.

If it’s carb heavy, I try to have some protein or fat with it to slow down the digestion and not spike insulin as much.  I try not to eat pizza at 10pm before bed but maybe for lunch or early dinner. If I want baked goods, I allow it and enjoy it. And I carry on BECAUSE I know I can literally have them again, ANYTIME I want. 😮

You ever have that feeling where you really want… let’s say pizza. And you go through the day or even week saying NO PIZZA and before you know it you snap and pig out on pizza…?

That’s what I’m talking about. You snap because you aren’t flexible.

Now picture this. I’ve really wanted my favorite Mexican. Today we went at 12:00 and got chips and guac with my pulled pork burrito with pineapple salsa. I enjoyed the guac so much and was full after half my burrito so I took that to go. It was so satisfying that I was able to carry on with my day and not feel like I’m white knuckling through my life, resisting what I really want. I didn’t pick it apart. I had some good fat, some protein and an amazing meal.

So we ate, we went hiking, and now I’m writing this for you.

I’m still active. I still eat veggies. I make balanced meals most of the time. AND I DON’T SAY NO TO MY FAVORITE FOODS.

I mix my knowledge with my desires and I have found a place where both my favorite foods and fit and healthy can exist, together, because I JUST DON’T GIVE A GUAC.

We don’t need rules.  We need common sense.

If you are giving too many guacs about your food you are giving it all the power over you. I can help you take back your power. I can help you choose not control your food. I can help you enjoy your favorite foods and your life. You just gotta want to say GUAC YOU to your rules and want to work through your fears. Food, and life, is supposed to be fun, not so stressful. Email me at lisamariefit3@gmail.com to see if we would be a good fit to work together!

Until next time,
Simplify. Balance. Enjoy.

Lisa Marie