Happy 6th Birthday, IN MOTION FITNESS

March 18, 2018  |  Uncategorized

It’s that time of the year again. Yup, my gym, In Motion Fitness, is celebrating its birthday. It’s 6th birthday to be exact.

When I opened, we were the only fitness facility on our village strip, aside from a 24 hour access gym. Today, every few buildings consists of a fitness facility. And we are still here.

When I opened In Motion Fitness, I was just looking for a private place where I could serve my clients. A place that was clean and inviting that didn’t consist of many members of a public gym people watching. A place where my clients could feel comfortable trying to improve themselves and also didn’t have to compete for equipment. A place where attention is on my clients and laughs are a must. A place where struggles can be expressed,  where frustrations can be let out and where even the smallest wins can be celebrated. A place where support is a given and friendship evolves.  A place where confidence can flourish, strength can grow, and bodies can sweat out the day’s stress. A place where my clients WANT to come, not dread coming.

I had never owned a business before. I opened this gym with a down payment and about 20% of the equipment I now have. My perfectionist self somehow approved of me getting started despite having a detailed plan or fully furnished facility! I call that side of me… Dave.🤣 As much as I wanted to support my clients, he supported me. He had confidence in me. And he reminded that really, I didn’t have anything to lose.

Looking back, I lost nothing, I have learned SO MUCH and gained even more.

To my clients, past and present, I am grateful for every one of you. This business, this service, is NOTHING without the people I connect with and the people who trust me with their fitness and their confidence.

So while other places pop up and will continue to, I focus on now what I focused on then. YOU. My four wall are made for YOU (and for wall sits 😉).

Despite the booming industry, I have resisted following the cattle. I have continued to focus on one-on-one training as opposed to fully group focused facilities where you can pump and dump over and over.  We do teach group workouts, but class sizes are limited to keep the intimate feeling and attention. So YOU don’t get lost.

I don’t run weight loss challenges and I don’t put deadlines on your success. I don’t promote just one way of training, I incorporate a variety, for FUN and depending on YOU.

See, it’s very easy to lure people in with weight loss promises. To provide quick fixes. To focus solely on how I can help you reach your goal weight. But, I regret to inform you, that is not what you’ll find when you work with me or In Motion. I know that sounds scary to you, but it feels so good to me. So I ask you to trust me. There is a sweet spot between strict and not giving a damn. And it actually does get results.

To put it simply:

What you won’t get from working with us:
– strict meal plans
– strict workout plans
– strict counting, plotting, tracking and planning
– deadline challenges for weight loss
– aesthetic focused mindset
– skimpy clothed clients or trainers
– yelling at you for not meeting our expectations
– obsession with food, fitness and body

What you will get from working with us:
– knowledge about balanced meals
– effective workouts that are fun
– mindset shifts to better enjoy your life, while still working on your health
– a sustainable approach to food and fitness
– support in learning what works for YOU and your body and your life.
– help in recognizing your patterns and support in working through them
– a supportive, non- judgmental fitness family
– encouragement and adaptation to fit fitness into your life without obsessing over food, fitness and body

RESULTS include but are not limited to…
Increased confidence
A desire to workout and sweat instead of a dread
Increased ease in performing everyday tasks
An ability to better deal with stress and life’s ups and downs
An ability to release control yet increase self efficacy
An emotionally healthier state of mind
A body you are proud of
A social life you can enjoy without anxiety, guilt or shame
A body and mind that is balanced and healthy
And a life that is fully enjoyed

If there’s anything I learned from my clients, it’s been consistency. If you can commit to that, you can win. And together, we can have fun becoming your healthiest you, in food, fitness and mindset.

Happy 6th Birthday to YOU who have made In Motion Fitness what we are. 🎉

And to those of you online, I thank you all for your attention and support. I will continue to teach you what I know and believe, whether it’s popular or not. 🎂


If you are local and looking to train with us, email us at imfitruinfo@yahoo.com

If you are not local and interested in working together through online coaching, please email lisamariefit3@gmail.com

As always, XOXO

Lisa Marie