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In case you weren’t sure…✌

I’m a nerd. A love math. I love the step by step approach to get a final answer. To get a specific answer. You’d think I would LOVE to count my macros. Make all the puzzle pieces fit. Make my equations work out just so. But actually, I really don’t care to track my macros. Scientifically, this approach works. And for some people, this approach works. However, I really found I didn’t want to be preoccupied with tracking and doing math just to eat a freakin meal. Take this with a grain of salt. Like I say, only you and your body knows what would be the best fit for you. Different goals require different approaches but my goal is not to be a mathematician. My goal is to enjoy my life beyond food so this is just my two cents that maybe you can relate to.

1.  Flexibility or All or Nothing?

This flexible approach turned out to be more all or nothing thinking for me. I was either hitting macros or I wasn’t. I was either cross multiplying serving sizes and allotted macros left just to make it all fit or saying forget it I don’t feel like figuring this out. That wasn’t going to help me approach food in a balanced way for LIFE. Yes, my meal may be balanced, but my life was still about what I’m eating and making it all fit. Which to me was just more stress.

2.  It fed my obsession and preoccupation with food.

At certain points in my life, this approach could have fit. However, where I am now is not in math mode anymore. I’d rather try free chocolate covered macadamia nuts in Hawaii without having to bust out my calculator. I’d like to take seconds of my mom’s meatballs just because I love them. Id like to go out to dinner and enjoy my meal even when I don’t know everything that’s in it.

And you know what happened when I stopped thinking twice about everything I put in my mouth?? I put less shit in my mouth!

3.  I don’t want to feel guilty for missing my macros.

This can happen if you are over OR under your numbers. It becomes this goal, daily. Again, more focus. More rigidity. What if today I’m hungrier than usual? Or if I’m PMSing? Or what if I don’t feel well and don’t have much of an appetite? What’s the macro rule on all of this?? Exactly what I didn’t want. More rules. More guidelines telling me how much I can eat forcing me to ignore my number one calorie compass, my body.

Yes, I eat full desserts. Yes, I eat lots of veggies and healthy fats. Yes, I try to get protein at most meals. Yes, I try to avoid excess sugar and fake sugars. Yes, I try not to stuff myself. Yes, I eat balanced meals. But it doesn’t come from a formula by punching in numbers in an online calculator. It comes from my me. My gut. My intuition. My body.

And, finally. 

4.  It prevents me from enjoying my life. 

Mentally. Physically. Socially. Emotionally. I don’t want to have to do math everyday. I don’t want to cross multiply serving sizes and macro counts just so I can get my last 32 grams of carbs in tonight. And carb cycling? Where just went I get my macros down I have to change my amounts??? Hell no. 

Even today, with a group tour in Hawaii, strangers asked me if I am eating what I want on this vacation. It makes me a little sad. And even a little angry. Like it’s assumed if you see someone in shape, they must restrict themselves, right? So I told them I always eat what I want now. Crickets. 

So listen. I have a lot of experience with food. I have a lot of food knowledge. I don’t have to count my shit. I know how I feel when I eat what I eat. I know what it does to my body. You may not be at this point, but you can be. And you are probably closer than you think. It isn’t that hard. It isn’t that complicated. But hey, money is made off making us think we are stupid. 

I can make a meal that is balanced. I can choose a snack that makes me feel good, not shitty. I can eat more carbs or less carbs on a given day. And I can do it all by paying attention to my body. SO CAN YOU. 

Essentially, we can choose what we want to eat, not control what we eat.

I literally eat and move on. And I prayed for this.


Lisa Marie

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