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I’m writing this blog for those of you who fear vacation. For those of you who fear gaining weight on vacation. For those of you who fear not having fun because you’re too self conscious. And for those of you who fear “losing your progress” on vacation.

I hear you.

I posted a picture of my body on day one and day ten and a few in between. This is to show you that I didn’t fear my vacation and I also didn’t “get fatter” or “lose my progress.”

I also posted a collage of all the “scary” foods I ate and “scary” drinks I had. You won’t see photos of my salads and fruit. You probably know I had my fair share of those. But what you’re probably more curious about is how I handled my food being away for almost two weeks.

I did not cook one meal. I ate a hotel breakfast buffet which included bacon, everyday. I had an alcoholic drink most days. I had dessert most days, if not, I at least ate chocolate. I tried foods you would only get in Hawaii or what they are known for. I LIVED. I didn’t plot, plan, or control my food or my workouts.As we know, most of social media is a highlight reel. This blog, however, is not. I wanted to be honest with you. I wanted to showcase my real life vacation, even if it included foods we might normally steer away from out of fear, fitness professional or not.   I want you to see what happens when you just dive in. When you don’t critique and analyze everything and when you allow yourself to enjoy yourself.

This trip was fun and active as much as it was relaxing. I didn’t want to feel guilty over whatever food I ate or didn’t eat.

You’ll see fish tacos, burgers, alcoholic lemonade, sweet potato fries, brick oven pizza, amazing gelato and a piece of Hawaii’s famous hula pie which was so good I had to order it again. I couldn’t post the empty plate that my  french toast and pancakes were on because that would be pointless. I was done with my breakfast but Dave saw them put a fresh batch out and I couldn’t resist. It’s not everyday I get those!

So that, sprinkled in with salads, fresh fruit, macadamia nuts and lean proteins actually kept me feeling just fine. Indulgent yet refreshing.

As for workouts, we did them when we WANTED to. When the timing worked for us. I think we did 5 workouts. They were done in 40 minutes or less. And we continued on.We got a solid 8 hours of sleep most nights, sometimes I little more.

And we really left any stress we had in buffalo.

I believe that the combination of food, sleep, sweat, fun and relaxation kept me feeling good in my body and my mind. And after all, isn’t that what vacation is really for?

It’s even made me realize how much I need to incorporate those things into my everyday life here even more.

I can find a better way to deal with stress and probably start by not sweating the small stuff.

I will continue to balance my food instead of fear it.

And maybe the biggest influencer on my body was the ample amount of sleep I got, which I intend to focus on back at home again.

All in all, this was absolutely the best vacation and it will always be a highlight in my memories. I’m thankful I was able to enjoy what Hawaii had to offer and I’m  beyond thankful it wasn’t spent fearing or counting calories.


Lisa Marie

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