March 4, 2018  |  Uncategorized

So you gained weight, you’re ok.

Do you freak out when you’ve gained some pounds?

Do you go into panic mode like you need to make the changes today so you can get those said pounds off ASAP?

And let’s say you lose them. Have you stayed there??

I am a self confessed recovering yo-yo dieter. And from my past, I can 100% support the fact that NOTHING IS FOREVER. NOT 12 pounds up and NOT 12 pounds down.  Our life is and always will be, seasons and stages. We are lying to ourselves if we think otherwise.

But the real challenge is in how we mentally approach these seasons. Do we approach them with grace, kindness, self compassion and understanding? That’s doesn’t mean I say to throw all caution to the wind about your health and body. What I mean is, can you accept the fact that you aren’t always spot on? Can you accept the fact that it is OK to not always be spot on?

Think of a time you dieted or you really had all your ducks in a row for training and eating and your body was changing “for the better.”  Did it last? Could it last? Which on a side note, I recommend remembering that the more extreme an approach is, the less sustainable it often is, which could lead to even more seasons and stages AND ultimately more frustration.

So say you’re in a “less than desirable” stage. If you panic, restrict, plot, plan, and obsess, what happens to your life? In my experience, my life became trying to control my body. Which meant my life was not about fun, love, trying new things, and definitely not about going with the flow.

So while I know nothing is forever… there is one thing I thought I could end forever because I knew I couldn’t live a fulfilling, satisfying life WITH it. And that was OBSESSION.

But see, obsession is so glorified these days.

It’s hard to go against being praised for being “so disciplined” or having “so much willpower.”  And why is it assumed that if you gain some weight that you must be lazy, careless, not disciplined and possess no willpower????

More often than not, those people who are fitness icons are put on this pedestal. They must have their shit together. They aren’t lazy. They aren’t careless. They have discipline and they have willpower.  And maybe so. But also maybe not.

There is a huge mindset shift to really, truly believe your weight and body will change again. Your weight gain, and even weight loss, has a great chance of changing again. WHEN YOU REALIZE THIS, YOU WILL FEEL A WEIGHT LIFTED, LITERALLY. You will begin to end your attachment to your weight!!!!

Though my weight has stabilized, I use that term loosely. I still fluctuate. I’m a woman. But I fluctuate differently.

First of all, I don’t have as large of fluctuations. They aren’t fluctuations that send me from one size in my wardrobe to the other. Little less comfortable? Maybe. Do I notice? Yes. Do others notice? Most likely, no.

Second of all, I don’t fluctuate in a restrict- binge  cycle. I don’t fluctuate in response to dieting because I don’t diet. I don’t fluctuate from black to white, because I stopped categorizing my meals, my days or my body as perfect or not. I don’t fluctuate from on track to off track because I don’t have a specific track anymore.

So I started to pay attention to how I would panic every month before my period because I would be puffier, less defined and much more uncomfortable with myself. Then I would get my period, those issues and feelings would subside, and I’d realize, “See, you’re ok!”

So then I expanded on that. I found that when I stopped analyzing my body so often, I stopped thinking that others were analyzing it all the time. And I gave my body permission to do its thing. Yes, it involved some trust. Usually if you gain some weight, you know why you did. And most likely, you didn’t take the best care of yourself. So if you change anything, you make sure you take care of yourself. Then you can trust your body. You can trust it will balance out.

And remember, if you have to plot, plan, pack, measure and obsess over everything you eat and do to have a certain body, maybe your body isn’t meant to live there. That doesn’t make you weak. That doesn’t make you lazy. I guarantee you’ll actually be quite busy and productive, LIVING AND ENJOYING YOUR LIFE.

So up or down, your weight will most likely change again. Because if we really had ultimate control over our weight, we would all be walking “perfection.” That’s why we must operate from a mindset of choice and self-care over control. Remember, YOU’RE OK. 💕