December 10, 2017  |  Uncategorized

These may be the only Abs I’m getting today… and I’m ok with it.

On the surface, this blog looks like another example of me not letting fitness and my body rule my life. 💤💤💤

However, if you read it and then think about it, it’s more than that. In a world where you are basically told you’re a piece of shit if you don’t workout most days… If you don’t kill yourself in your workouts… If you make a choice to do something that doesn’t burn calories or to eat something that isn’t a picture perfect meal… how can you possibly not feel guilty or judgemental for your choices?

So, while I’m giving you another example in my life, I’m also giving you permission to do the same in your life. But first…

Answer these questions:

If there was no social media, would you feel like you have to workout everyday? Would you feel like you have to announce that you worked out?

If there was no social media, would you feel guilty about ordering a pizza and watching Sunday football on the couch? Would you feel like you have to post a “macro friendly” meal?

If your best friend didn’t have a “better body” than you, would you feel better about YOUR body?

If your significant other wasn’t flooded with images of girls asses on their feed everyday, would you feel better about YOUR ass?

If every new diet or workout was a relationship tip, date idea, or investment opportunity, would we still be obsessed with changing our body?

And if the media didn’t report on this person gaining or losing weight would we still think it’s our sole purpose in life?

Ok. Now do you see how much we revolve our lives around food and fitness? I don’t blame us.  I’m not upset with you for doing it. You’re doing the best you can with the surroundings you have. But what I’m asking you to do is become aware of how it’s affecting you. Maybe even how it’s brainwashing you to think that’s what you really want.

I used to think I wanted this rock hard, thin, lean body more than anything else. And I sought after it more than anything else. Maybe I ran a business but I was trying to control my body every second of it. Maybe I was being blessed with babies in my family but I was making sure I still overtrained. Maybe I’d lose 20 pounds but nothing improved in my life, my pants just fit easier.

And let me tell you, wearing pants you feel good in feels great. But if you can’t communicate with your fiancé, if your debt is piling up, if your making excuses to not see friends because of the food that’s involved… that’s not great. And that’s what life is. No one will remember the pair of jeans you rocked. Especially if the rest of your life takes a back seat.

Now, you are more than welcome to make your food and fitness rules…and follow them.


You can do what I did. You can choose to say that those rules don’t apply to you. Shit, You don’t even need rules!!

I cut out so much stress in my life by not having to control every morsel I ate or calorie I burned. And decreasing that stress?? That h made me healthier than any diet or workout regime. This does not mean I eat shit and don’t work out.  It just means I take care of myself and do what feels good.

So my example today… a cold, Sunday morning before the Bills game. Past Lisa would have thought, “Oh no that’s less time to workout in the morning. It’s going to be cold and I’ll want hot chocolate but I can’t have it. And I’ll want a pretzel with cheese and I can’t have it. And i might not get food shopping done or meals prepped.” Is your blood pressure rising yet? Mine was. So much that I probably would have declined free Bills tickets on a day that Dave and I actually had available.

So, we took the tickets. We laid in bed extra long this morning, one of the few times we get to do that without other obligations. We got our chores done. And we laughed as we bundled up for the game. Win of the day, besides the Bills? I got my jeans OVER my fleece leggings somehow and thank God I did!

Then we hiked over to the game. The snow started falling heavier. The winds swirled. And we trudged through unplowed sidewalks to get there only to be pelted by snowflakes and I freakin loved it. This is football. This is buffalo. And this is me not worrying about food and fitness. In fact, the only thought I had was thankfully I do workout because if you have ever trudged through snow, you know the workout it is!!! And then I had a hot chocolate while we stood in awe of the whiteout that engulfed up. Fans cheering. Acting like we all know each other. Being proud to be a Buffalonian.

So while I didn’t go running or lift weights, I was active, I laughed, and I enjoyed the day, frozen or not.

If you feel pressure to revolve your life around food or fitness, ask yourself why?? What do you think is going to happen if you allow yourself a hot chocolate or you don’t go to the gym? Is the Instagram post of that bitch’s ass and her keto diet going to make you feel like shit?

Stop. Delete. Cancel.  Whatever you need to do to break the rules. The pressure. The ideal. YOU be you. YOU do what you want. If you treat yourself well, if you don’t hurt other people, and you are grateful, then you have more than a six pack will ever give you.


Lisa Marie