October 29, 2017  |  Uncategorized
Have you ever stopped and realized how much you can really buy in this life? These days, you name it you can buy it.
But, what is the one thing that you still cannot buy??? THE PERFECT BODY.  We spend money getting our nails done. Our toenails done. Our hair done. That’s all instant gratification. But the perfect body? First of all, the perfect body is an illusion. Second of all, despite what you hear, it cannot be gotten instantly.
I’m sure you’re saying, but what about plastic surgery? Sure, that’s an attempt at a perfect body. A dangerous attempt. A slippery slope. And how successful is it really? The even sadder part is that we think the boob jobs and butt implants we see these days are actually real, a means for comparison at the very least.
But really, you cannot buy the perfect body, that’s why it’s held in such esteem. Women everyday will have hair and nails done, but still want their gut gone or their butt better. Now, I have two points from this one phenomenon.
In one way, we are chasing an unattainable ideal and looking for any quick fix possible to get it. Having a “perfect body” is freaking hard because you can’t walk into the salon and just get it. No matter what house we have or which car we drive or which brand name purse we have hanging on us, the body may still be falling “behind.” We think that is the one thing we are missing. The house, car, job, spouse, baby etc didn’t bring us happiness, so the perfect body must be the only option left, but we can’t just buy it so we stay unhappy, chasing it.
Doesn’t this sound miserable? So here’s my other option. So we can’t buy the body, but can we still be and feel beautiful? You better believe it. We don’t need the perfect body to be beautiful or to be happy.  We can be happy and beautiful now. Happiness is a mindset. It’s a way of life. It’s not a body. So what if we made it a priority to feel beautiful now?
Well, first you have to ask yourself what makes you feel beautiful? Really. Ask yourself right now. I feel beautiful when I’m comfortable. When my hair is clean (yes, I do wash it sometimes!) I feel beautiful when I like my outfit. When I put myself together.  I can feel beautiful in yoga pants and a tank top with a messy bun, but sometimes, I need more. Sometimes I want to just put myself together. Get out of the house. Do something. Feel like a woman. And for me, sometimes that means getting my nails done, (or painting them myself) blow drying my hair, and putting on an outfit that I wouldn’t wear to the gym. And I would probably top it off with a pair of Sorels!
It’s true for me that when I feel good, I treat myself better. I take care of myself more. However, if I’m feeling shitty about my body, this all goes by the wayside. I treat myself worse. Like it doesn’t matter.  I don’t make the effort to feel beautiful. I equate a “not so good body” with not being beautiful. In belief talk, it’s “If I don’t have a great body, then I am not beautiful.” And this belief colors my world. Or at least it did. I have changed that belief. I have found ways to feel beautiful that don’t revolve around a weight or certain looking body. Man, this took a while. But sometimes, a nice hot shower followed by putting myself together, taking pride in myself, does the trick. I instantly feel better. I don’t put on the “too tight” jeans. I put on an outfit that fits well and feels good. Why would I torture myself? I have never beaten myself into a perfect body so why would that start now?
But all of a sudden, I remember I am more than my body. I feel pretty. I feel happy. It reminds me that we can’t keep our disempowering beliefs. We can’t keep letting it hold us back. Figure out what makes you feel beautiful and happy that doesn’t require a perfect body and freakin do it.
Even if you still believe that you can buy “beautiful,” do you think you can buy healthy? Do you think you can buy fulfilled? Do you think you can buy happy?
Which brings me to my final point.
Do you feel stuck? Do you feel lost? Are you picking yourself apart? Are you delaying actions and happiness until you lose weight?
Are you anxious? Do you wonder why?? Do you think reaching your goal weight will open up a happy life for you?
This is simple. Ask yourself:
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting to do?
Between now and dead, what do you want to do before life passes you by?
If you were lying on your death bed, what is that thing you would wish you would have done if you didn’t do it by then?
These are often the feelings we have when we are delaying actions and happiness until we are happy with our body. It won’t happen. You can’t buy that body so at best, even improving it will take time. Time that will pass. And it is time that you can’t get back.  Don’t waste that time.
Go feel beautiful. Go do that thing you have been putting off. You will instantly see yourself change.  And that is the only instant gratification you can count on. And you can make that shit last.
With love,
Lisa Marie