October 15, 2017  |  Uncategorized
Moody. Miserable. Crabby. No fun, etc. These aren’t just my word choices but yours. When I asked you to describe a dieting friend, these are the responses I got. This honestly could have gone either way when I posed the question. I had one positive adjective and it was motivated. The rest were all negative. My point is not to tell you that dieting makes you miserable (do I even have to?) Instead, I want to pose another question. WHY DO WE PARTAKE IN SOMETHING THAT IS ACTUALLY QUITE DETRIMENTAL TO OUR WELL-BEING?
I have dieted many times. My friends have dieted. My clients have dieted. I have researched dieting. I have observed dieting. I have questioned dieting. And I have quit dieting. WHY did I quit dieting? Well, for one thing, those negative adjectives described me. Ask my sisters. Ask my fiancé. I regret how I was so much. But I was so in the thick of it that I couldn’t see it. And when I was finally able to see it, I couldn’t stop it. I was so freakin scared. You know what fear is? Stress. You know what stress is? Tiring. You know what happens when you’re tired? You act like those adjectives. It all comes full circle. So why do we let this negativity and stress into our minds and body and expect our body to respond with love!? Your body is pissed guys! Dieting isn’t natural. Your body will do everything possible to prevent you from dieting! When you are on your death bed, are you doing to look back and say, “Wow, I’m really glad I put so much effort into dieting?”
If you want to know what’s coming next for you, look at your thoughts. If you want your body to respond with love, treat it with love. Adding stress and negativity to your mind and body will only continue to weigh you down, even if you “lose weight.” Dieting is NOT a long term solution. Neither is willpower. And neither is discipline.
You want freedom? Release that shit. The stress. The anxiety. The fear. The worry. It’s strangling you and your waist line.  Create an environment your body will want to live in. Use your thoughts to help you, not hurt you. We attract what we think about most. We think about what we believe. And we believe what we reinforce. This is a practice. A process. A perspective shift.
Dieting pressure weighs more than any pounds you will lose. This doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight. You can certainly release weight when your thoughts, actions and mindset are aligned with positivity. Acceptance. Balance. And enjoyment.
Stop making yourself miserable. Do you know any happy dieters??? From the results of my quick poll, neither of us do. I don’t say this because good health doesn’t matter to me. I say this because good health matters to me so much.
Ya feel me but are still confused on HOW to do this? How to make this shift? How to be healthy without “dieting?” Click my link to apply to work with me, where we change more than just your body.
If you still aren’t sure, that’s ok!
I’ll see you next week. 🙂
Lisa Marie

PS –

This photo sums up my life dieting.
Me pouting and being a party pooper while those I love around me just want to laugh and have fun.
Can you relate??