Take 5 and Enjoy.

August 13, 2017  |  Uncategorized

Have you ever stopped yourself recently and ask you if you are enjoying your life? We all know, for now at least, that we only get one go around. Do u realize how you are actually spending your time? Like really. Stop and look. Working, yes ok. Aside from work, what are you doing? What are you thinking? What are you worrying about? What is even in your control to worry about? Are you being authentically you or are you being who people think you should be? Are you doing what you want to do or are you doing what everyone else has requested of you? Are you making commitments you cannot keep nor want to keep, just for fear of saying no? Are you sleeping enough? Are you making rules for yourself like the dishes have to be washed before bed or the laundry has to be done on Sunday?  Are you stressed out trying to follow your own rules? Can you take five to actually kick your feet up, breathe, and ask yourself what you did for YOU today? It doesn’t mean you have to be alone. But did you do something today that brought you joy? Do you know what brings you joy?

I spent yesterday watching toddlers play with balloons for hours. I watched them play with each other and also play with toys. There was no crying. When something didn’t suit them anymore, they moved on. Sometimes they stopped and sat on my lap or a family member held them. Other times they asked you to watch what they could do. I was amazed at how smoothly four little kids and an infant could be entertained for hours in 600 square feet of the house. They ran outside and inside. Ate, played and laughed. Oh, to be carefree again.

I used to dread family parties. Not because of my family, I love any time spent with them, especially as our family grows. But because of the… yup. Food. Pathetic right? But if you can relate, you know how much stress and anxiety could be caused from one event that was supposed to be fun! Planning the workout that morning because there would be cake… planning the workout the next morning because you ate the cake.  Sitting there trying to deny yourself food while instead actually denying connecting with friends or loved ones.  Or actually “winning” and not eating the “bad” food because all we could feel is our stomach being squeezed in our pants. Then after controlling our food all party, maybe a pig out in person at home or on the way home would ensue well, because you just can’t beat your body when it comes down to it. And look back at the picture in this blog. Are those smiles worth missing due to a preoccupation with food and workouts?  Omg. No, but I couldn’t freakin’ help it!!! However, not anymore.

Obviously, life has more responsibilities as we get older, but we really should take a lesson from the kids in our lives. If for even five minutes a day, we could flashback to choosing what feels good. It’s a start at least.  Take notice of your thoughts. Take notice of how you are spending your time. For how we spend our days is how we spend our lives and lately, I have taken a step back to ask myself, how do I want my life to be and what can I do to make it that? I literally released my control and obsession with my body.  There is always a relief in acceptance, it doesn’t mean you’ll never improve (more on that to come) but there are probably some things in your life you could enjoy more. Am I right?

What I saw yesterday was pure happiness. And if we can’t create our own right away, maybe we can start by spending time with loved ones. Life isn’t meant to spent alone. If there is one core value I am sure of for myself, it is family.  I’m always happier when I’ve spent time with my family.

So, make time for what is important to YOU, even if it is for five minutes. Food will always be there. Family and friends will not.

I challenge you to just take 5 minutes today and if you don’t know how you would want to spend it… here are some starting suggestions.


– reading before bed
– ask for a foot rub or a back rub
– if no masseuse is around your house, foam roll! Seriously!
– lay on your living room floor, close your eyes, put your hand on your stomach and just breathe.
– take a walk or bike ride around the block, alone, with your kids, or a friend/spouse
– color a picture
– stretch


As always, thank you for taking 5 to read this!


Lisa Marie