A dose of Honesty

July 16, 2017  |  Uncategorized

As a personal trainer and business owner, I have had mixed feelings on this social media ocean we are swimming in right now. We can find anything from meals to workouts to transformations on our news feed. We have businesses starting because other people like what people post and like it enough that others start to like it too. We can get inspired to get glutes like theirs or diet down until we can see our abs like theirs. You name it, it’s on there. And if you follow any kind of fitness trends on social media, you won’t just find biceps, quads, and vegetables. No, these days you’ll be inundated with thongs, push-up bras and strategically posed selfies.  And I’m the first to admit that I am guilty of possessing these feeds and scrolling through daily. But the shocker is that these posts are not inspiring me to have a better physique, they are making me critique my physique.  They aren’t inspiring me to change my body over time, they are making me think I can change it now. They aren’t inspiring me to be the best that I can and appreciate my body, they are making me want to make my body look like theirs.  In truth, they are not making me a better person nor a better business owner or personal trainer.

If you scroll through my social media, you will see my family, some meals I eat, and some clips of a group workout I have written for my studio family.  See, I built my concrete business before social media was all about Instagram queens.  Posting pictures of my body did not make me a successful business owner.  In fact, I’ve been so busy running my business that I don’t actually take the time to take selfies of my body. I just have a different belief that I based my business on.

If you know me, you know I did what I had to do to be successful after my divorce. I rented a space and turned it into In Motion Fitness, personal training and group fitness. I had one goal and one goal only, help people live a healthier life and help enough of them so that I can keep my space. My business is absolutely not trainer centered like a lot of social media is, my business is and always will be client centered.  My business was not built on likes but on word of mouth referrals and reputation. It is a business I am proud of. My social media page is a place I can send my father or grandpa to and not be embarrassed about the photos they may see of their little girl. Now it is absolutely ok if you go another route. I have done photo shoots and I had so much fun doing them and I’ll probably do more in the future. However, my priority is my clients and my reputation. I have clients in person and I am a business in a village where I must uphold myself to a professional standard at all times. This is partly why you won’t find my drunk at our local rooftop patio bar every Saturday night. I don’t necessarily care more about my clients than trainers that are more prevalent on social media, but I CAN care more because I see them in person, every week. I know about their insecurities, their flaws, their fears. I know their families and I know their kids, I even train some of them. When you are with me to train, I forget to post anything on social media because I am engaged in you. I will squeeze you in my schedule wherever possible. I will makeup sessions if something crazy for either of us pops up. And I will respect your privacy and desires.

I opened a personal, private studio because I wanted people to have an option to better themselves outside of the big gym setting where the cardio theater is staring down on them. Where they can try something they may be nervous to. I opened a private facility where you and I can both be honest and not worry about who is watching…. or liking what we do.  If you want my ideas, contact me. I want to help you. But if you don’t see me on Instagram 24/7, it’s probably because I am helping my client through her divorce, her tough mudder training, her job loss, her cancer battle, or her body image. I had opportunities to go bigger. To open a larger location. To sell memberships to my facility. And I chose to stay private because of what I value as a personal trainer.

I don’t own a training studio so that I can get famous. I know my reach is limited in this way but right now, this is where I want it. I take the time to blog each week and put it out there so those beyond my studio can get to know me for my beliefs, my mission, and how I live a balanced life.  If you are inspired by thongs and push-up bras, you won’t end up on my page. But if you are looking for support, honesty and a balanced approach to a healthy mind and life, follow me, recommend me, or contact me. I would love to work with you.

Lisa Marie