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This morning I took a hike in Niagara Falls down into the gorge of the Niagara River.  As I was walking down many, many steps and hiking over boulders and rocks, I knew the hike back up was going to be a leg burner!  But, that’s part of why we chose that hike – for the challenge.  It got me thinking how sometimes in life we choose our challenges knowing what they will entail, and other times, we choose our challenges despite knowing exactly what they will entail.  Those are the scary ones.  Those are the ones we often delay and make excuses for not starting.  Those are the ones where we think and we debate and we end up thinking more all while staying put.  I used to think it was cliché, but those challenges, those goals you don’t quite know how to accomplish, those are the ones worth every single step.

There are always so many reasons why we delay taking action.  Most people would think that starting my gym was probably something I have always wanted to do.  However, there was quite in internal battle going on in deciding to go for it or not.  There were so many reasons not to get my own training facility.  I was a 26 year old girl.  I had no business degree or background.  I had only a couple of years of training experience.  I did not have a large sum of money saved to back me up if this didn’t work.  I was leasing the space from a landlord.  And those were just the obvious ones.  The mental struggle involved a risk of failure that I had never wanted to take a chance on.  This was all me.  There was no boss.  There was no partner.  There was no one to blame but me if it didn’t work out.  To be honest, there wasn’t much failure in my life in the past and I didn’t want to start failing now.  But, what if I succeeded?? Do you know that thought took a while to even cross my mind?  I never set out to own a business.  This is where I needed help to take the first step.  I honestly don’t think I wouldn’t have done it without my boyfriend’s encouragement.  When we broke it down, I really didn’t have much to lose.  Sure, I would have to start over, but that didn’t scare me.  The fear of failure scared me because of how others would look at me and judge me.  But, we realized if I didn’t take the step to try, I would always wonder if I could have hacked it, and that scared me even more.  So, I went for it.  But not without help.  My boyfriend helped me with QuickBooks and getting an accountant.  The first “new” client to walk through my door was an attorney who ended up helping me set up my LLC.  This was huge because I really didn’t know exactly what I needed to do.  Another client was a building inspector who helped me make sure my business facility was up to code.  And then there were the referrals from my clients who helped me grow.  I didn’t know that my handful of clients five years ago would turn into a full clientele in my self-owned training business but that wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t take the first step to call the landlord and see the space.  I was so nervous to get the space and believe that I could build a business but when the landlord put that key in my hand, it unlocked so much more than just the door to a 2,000 square foot facility.  It unlocked a risk that turned into a success which started to build my confidence.

It’s funny how rich I became from being scared and vulnerable yet doing it anyway.  And I don’t mean income wise.  I have met some of the best people in my life.  I have friends for life from this business.  I have business owners and business men and women who teach me things even if they don’t realize it.  I have clients who have opened up to me and let me help them making my heart so full because this job is more than writing workouts to me.

There are so many times I hear people say they need to lose weight before they come see me or they have to get in shape before they come workout with me.  I want anyone reading this to know, or tell someone they know who thinks this way, that I can, and more importantly, WANT, to help you.  I created my own space for a reason.  This is for privacy for my clients to know that they aren’t in front of a large gym with people watching them.  They can be nervous.  They can be out of shape.  Their stomach can roll when they sit down.  I am not judging them.  This is my desire.  They are who I want to help.  Working with me may be your first step.

One of my current trainers at In Motion Fitness started out as a client of mine before I opened my own place.  She was able to ask me for help but she didn’t want to come back after her first workout.  It was so hard for her to be winded going up a flight of stairs.  She could have been embarrassed or disappointed and in fact, she was.  So much so that I had to call her to schedule her next session and make sure she came back.  Well, she did, and she never left.  She transformed her life by transforming her fitness and even more, her mindset.  (If you want to know more about her story, you can contact us to train with her.)

Fast forward to a couple years later when her friend needed help to get healthier.  She gave her friend my number but she still didn’t contact me.  It took my client calling me to get me to reach out to her friend to get her to come see me.  This August will be three years that we have been working together and she is doing things she never would have done alone.  In fact, if she was waiting to get in shape before she called me, it may have never happened, and three years would have passed without improving her health.  Everybody needs help sometimes.  It can be scary to realize this and even more scary to reach out.  Sometimes just seeking someone else’s help, guidance, or expertise can be the first step to put the top of those stairs in view.

As much as I love helping coach people through their internal battles and to a healthier life by physical exertion, I am not the end all be all.  Owning my own business has made me want to learn even more as the years go on and I am not immune to still needing help.  My philosophy on training has changed over the years as I have changed.  I have had coaches and I still do.  It wasn’t always easy to acknowledge what I needed help with and I have been hesitant at times to get the help.  Like I said before, there are always plenty of reasons why we don’t take that step.  Pride.  Time.  Money.  But let me tell you, the most recent decisions to get help are going to increase all of those.  Seeking help or knowledge from others is how we grow.  If we were already “there” we wouldn’t need them.  So why not let them help us with what we need?

If you have read my previous blogs, you can see the struggles I have had in the past.  Well, I presently have a coach.  I have invested in a coach for personal and professional development.  Is it convenient? Not really.  Is it conducive to my full time training and business owning schedule? Not really! Was it pocket change? Hell no.  Is it necessary? 100%.  I am excited to do the work because I see the value in her helping me and I see the value in it helping me help you the best I can.  Sometimes it takes tough love.  Sometimes it takes a kick in the butt.  Sometimes it takes a pat on the back.  And sometimes, it takes you reaching out and seeing what action will get you up those steps because looking at them, doubting you can make it up there, fearing you might slip along the way or not make it all the way up at all, that shit is only going to leave you imagining what it would be like if you did try to climb them.  Maybe you’ll get sweaty. Maybe your legs will be sore.  But, you’ll do it.

So this is me being the person I have needed many times.  This is me telling you that you CAN do it.  You can take that step.  And you should.  NOW.  The only thing that builds while you delay that step is more fear and more doubt.  No one gets more confident by waiting.  The time is never right unless the time is now.  Take the step. Get the help you might need along the way. But every single step will add up.  Some will be easier than others. But the only thing you will be left wishing as days pass is why you didn’t take that step sooner.  The step of turning your thoughts into action is the step you cannot afford to delay.  THAT is the step you need to take.


xo, lisa marie