The Scale – The weight you may really need to lose.

April 9, 2017  |  Uncategorized

THE SCALE: The weight you really may need to lose.


This morning I woke up without an alarm to the sun shining and the birds chirping.  It was 7:45am and I was flooded with excitement to enjoy this mild spring day that lay ahead.  I decided I wanted to get my workout done and then get outside because it wasn’t quite warm enough yet to do my workout outside.  The last thing I wanted to do was spend an hour in a gym today and that is actually how I feel pretty often lately.  I’m really eager to get back to running outside or doing workouts at the local track! Stay tuned for those 🙂

So I went to my treadmill and planned a 30 minute interval workout.  Normally, I do walking/incline walking when I’m at home, but today I decided to add in some runs.  I am attaching the intervals I did which included a moderate incline walk alternated with a run which got shorter but faster as I progressed in my 30 minutes. 5 minutes of each, 4 minutes of each, 3,2,1 etc. for a total of 30 minutes.  If you are not a runner, you can alternate your moderate incline with a higher incline for added intensity. If you try this, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Now, onto the meat of this blog.  I recently went through a breakup this past January.  A big one.  One I had daily and even multiple times a day.  One that was abusive yet engulfing.  A relationship that determined my worth and my mood for the day.  It was a relationship that held me back, sent me on a rollercoaster and never loosened its grip. It was the relationship with my scale.  As you read further, if you do, you may disagree with me.  After all, one of my idols does!  I was listening to a podcast by one of my favorites, Jillian Michaels.  I respect this woman a TON.  She has influenced my training and my mentality about fitness and nutrition.  However, this one blurb struck a chord with me.  Her thoughts on the scale are that we should not ignore it, that it should be a compass.  In general, I do agree with this statement.  UNLESS you are me.  Or like me.  Or like many of the women out there who are not friends with their scale.  For some of us, the scale carries more power than our Commander in Chief or our military leaders.  For some of us, the scale plays with our emotions and our mindset more than a hypnotist ever could.  For some of us, the best thing we could do right now is NOT weigh ourselves.

I do not know what I weigh right now.  I do not want to know. I know what it does to me.  I may be feeling really good about myself and weigh myself and still be 160 pounds.  I don’t want to be 160 pounds.  But what if I like my body and my life right now.  If I see 160 I know I will start restricting food, after I pig out one last time of course.  I will plan how many workouts I can get in this week.  I will stress over the date I have Friday night or the Easter brunch I have Sunday. I will weigh myself everyday until I’m back toward 150 pounds because I mentally feel better there.  I will tighten my grip so much that in a couple of weeks, maybe months if I’m lucky, I will rebound.  I will pull that bow and arrow back as far as I can only to catapult equally as far into rebellion the other direction.  And the cycle will continue.  And what a vicious cycle it is.  THAT is the cycle I wanted to end and my first step to ending it was to break up with the scale.  And I have never felt better.  I know I have leaned out a little bit since January but I don’t know how much.  It doesn’t matter because honestly, being 150 pounds or 160 pounds doesn’t mean my body is any healthier or not as healthy.  But I can certainly tell you when my mind isn’t as healthy!! Omg the stress this has caused me has not been good.  Breaking up with the scale was a relief I cannot explain.

Now, its not that I’m just eating whatever I want, though I have given myself permission to.  Sometimes I eat what my mind wants, but more often, I have found myself eating what my body wants, because it makes me feel good.  I don’t feel sluggish or stuffed, I feel satisfied.  I eat a large lunch on my break.  But, I go back to the gym feeling like I have some energy and I’m not lethargic. I look forward to eating a healthy dinner instead of getting something to go just because I am exhausted.  I have very long days.  I start training clients at 5:30am and though I take a lunch break mid day, I go back until about 7:00pm.  It was so easy to just grab convenience food or comfort food at night and crash, but I literally felt like crap.  I am not choosing healthy just because I SHOULD and it makes me “good.” I am making choices based on how they make me feel, most of the time.  I crave my salad, even if I use bottled dressing and add cheese.  But typically, you wont find me rummaging in the cupboard at night because I love my salad.  If I forced myself to eat tilapia and asparagus because its 8pm and that’s what the fitness industry tells me I SHOULD do, well, you better believe those cheez-its or chocolate will be calling my name.  If this sounds too good to be true, again, I can work through it with you.  We don’t need to overcomplicate nutrition anymore.  We don’t need a degree to know grilled chicken is better for you than fried chicken.  If this sounds crazy and you can’t imagine not tracking your weight or planning every meal, stay with me, I will be addressing how to do this in the near future!! If you just can’t wait, please message me at Lisa Marie on facebook, leece11 on Instagram, or email me at

Now if you are overweight or have health issues, the scale can be a very helpful tool, when used responsibly, don’t get me wrong.  But this blog is for those who live and die by the scale.  May you find the strength to break up with it.  Try it for a month.  I promise, your clothes will let you know if you are having a little too much food fun.  But the number on the scale should not dictate your mood or your worth.  And if it does, there is work to do, and I can help you.  I want to help you.  You are more than your weight and if that number is only weighing you down, you have a bigger burden to lose and you can’t afford to “weight.”


Love, Lisa