Who is Lisa Marie?

July 8, 2016  |  Uncategorized

My name is Lisa Marie.  I’m a certified personal trainer, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and business owner.  I am a Buffalo Girl who you will find going for long walks, cooking, laughing, spending time with my family and listening to loud music in my car.  I have a compassionate heart, a strong body, and a sweet tooth.  My life has been lived in a sports bra and so much of what I have learned so far as come through being active in my life.

As a competitive gymnast, softball, volleyball, and collegiate basketball player, I learned about more than just winning and losing. Then my competitive career ended. My ten year relationship, including a marriage, ended, and a serious health scare almost took my life in an instant. I always was a muscular girl. It got me loads of attention throughout my life, some wanted, some flattering, and some destructive. But, I never felt as if I was as strong as my body was. Then I started to think that if my eating disorder didn’t kill me and my blood clots didn’t kill me, maybe I am stronger than I feel.

My dream was not actually to own my own business, not even a gym. My passion is, and always has been, helping people. My joy literally comes from seeing others accomplish something they haven’t done before. I was doing that in a classroom before a gym. However, when you’re faced with a divorce without a steady income, you realize it’s now or never, and in that moment, you go with your gut. So I went with my gut, with a little kick in the butt to go for it, and I now have In Motion Fitness, my own private, personal training studio in Orchard Park, New York.

This is more than a gym. It’s more than MY gym. It is a home to my clients who desire a change. A shift from destructive behaviors. A way of gaining strength in the form of confidence. A place they can feel comfortable getting out of their own way. And although there is a lot of story that has lead me to running my own business, I am here now and I love it, for me and my clients, because I truly believe that life is meant to be lived IN MOTION.

I hope by following this blog, you can connect with me and begin to, or continue to live your life In Motion.

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